Wide loads Pay Big Money in Trucking #shorts

Toyota Tundra Owners Love Their Truck

Toyota Tundra owners are passionate about their truck. Find out the reasons why they are so happy to talk about their Tundra.

What Are Slack Adjusters?

Slack Adjusters are the linkage between operating rod in the brake chamber and s-cam (drum brakes) or disk brakes in an air brake system. The main function of slack adjusters is to transfer motion from air brake actuating rod to ‘s-cam shaft’.

Finding Affordable Commercial Truck Parts

Just like a car commercial trucks need regular maintenance and tune ups. Through online suppliers, mechanics can find and order the commercial truck parts that they need to keep a fleet of vehicles operating.

Different Ways To Have A Blast With Big Mudding Trucks When You Don’t Own It

First of all, as many big truck owners already know, if they’re going into the mud it can be an expensive hobby. From getting the truck ready, to getting the truck to the mud area, to fixing breakdowns, it all costs money. So if you’re already on a budget, then it’s time to look around and find a 4×4 club or a mudding club and get involved without the cost.

Wise Guide on Buying Tonneau Covers

If you have a truck, having your truck bed installed with a tonneau cover is necessary. Tonneaus are not only useful for any given driving situation. They also provide many important benefits.

Get Cheap Truck Rental at Easy and Affordable Rates

Before we discuss about cheap truck rentals or cheap moving trucks let’s focus on some of its facts and features so that you may get aware of what it’s all about and its basic requirement before you get into relocation work. Relocation or in simple words you can say that transferring your domestic goods from one place to another task can be simply carried out by cheap truck rental companies. Still if you against the topic and do not want to hire any cheap moving companies then it’s all up to you and your need.

Assessing the Right Truck Mud Tire for the Right Muddy Terrain

One of the most demanding driving tasks is to drive in mud and actually going through it without getting stuck or without your engine dying on you. Driving into mud is easy, but crossing through it is quite tricky at the very least. Still, it is not an impossible task, because you can equip your vehicle with something that can make you go through mud and other terrains with similar soil consistency. Truck mud tires are the best things to have with you if you have a muddy trail up ahead, because it will allow you to conquer such a sticky terrain, in the most literal sense.

Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration Proposes New Trucker Hours of Service

With all the furor and disappointment that’s been surfacing over the proposed changes to the Hours of Service rules that were brought before the legislature on December 23rd, well, I think that I would be doing everyone a disservice by failing to mention it in this article. While the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) holds the opinion that the changes proposed would prove beneficial, everyone from the American Trucking Association (ATA), to the Owner-Operator Independent Driver’s Association (OOIDA) holds a contrary viewpoint.

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