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5 Tips When Purchasing a Used Semi Trailer

Ever wonder what the differences are with semi trailers? In the market to purchase a tractor trailer? Here are 5 fail-proof tips to consider before making that important purchase!

Truck Accidents Happen!

Many different situations can lead to serious trucking accidents. Some truck accidents might be the result of actual negligent driving, or mechanical problems, while road or weather conditions can also be a contributing factor. Among one of the most common causes is fatigued driving. It is unfortunately all too common for many truck drivers to ignore the law which regulates how long they can drive. This can and often does result in a loss concentration, distracted driving or actually falling asleep at the wheel. Another problem in truck wrecks is having improperly or overloaded trailers. Just checking on how the trailer is load and making sure it is in compliance with the law, can be helpful in preventing accidents involving trucks.

To Buy Or To Rent A Storage Container?

When you need a container, only for a small amount of time then renting it is the way to go. A 20-foot container can be rented for $50 – $80 per month and larger 40-foot containers can be rented for $85 – $ 125 per month. These rates vary depending on different things, in this article we will look at some things that will hopefully give you some room for negotiation, having said that never forget to negotiate as the worst that can happen is that they will say no.

What You Need to Know About Gear Alloy Wheels

Owning a truck comes with a certain amount of pride when you take it out on the road or if you go off on the trails or into the woods to do some off-roading with it. Every time you take your truck out it is a representative of you and the toughness you want to display with it. For this reason, many truck owners seek to individualize and personalize their trucks with as many custom accessories as possible, so they can give the truck a look that truly represents the owner.

Who Needs a Goods Vehicle Operators Licence?

You will need a goods vehicle operators licence if you use a goods vehicle of over 3.5 tonnes gross plated weight or (where there is no plated weight) an unladen weight of more than 1,525kg to transport goods for hire or reward or in connection with a trade or business. (In this instance ‘goods’ means goods or burden of any description). For a vehicle and trailer combination, generally you will need a goods vehicle operator’s licence if the gross plated weights or unladen weights of the vehicle and trailer combined exceed the limits stated above for a single vehicle.

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