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Explore South Dakota Through the Eyes of a Trucker

Not only does truck driving provide excellent pay, job security, and the professional freedom you have been looking for, but there’s never been a better time to become a truck driver than today. Trucking companies nationwide are experiencing a shortage of drivers and that number is only climbing. To jump start your truck driving career, visit South Dakota Truck Schools to receive the advanced training you’ll need for the job you’ve been looking for.

Fruehauf Trailers

Although it may be labeled as an exotic island known for its unique animal life and one-of-a-kind culture, New Zealand is also home to one of the largest and most impressive trailer manufacturers in the world-Fruehauf Trailers. In fact, the trailer manufacturer is the country’s leading producer of big rig trailers. Viewing itself both as an excellent employer and an impeccable trailer producer, the company determines its success both in its international fame and in the loyalty of its workers.

Short Take – 2009 Dodge Ram

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the developments surrounding the impending release of the 2009 Dodge Ram, the next generation of this popular pickup truck. Though the truck is the same size as its predecessor, Dodge has made a significant number of improvements that are certain to help buyers take notice.

Starting a Truck Wash in 2008

Although land is cheap right now, this is not a good time to start a truck wash. Why you ask, well because of the high fuel prices and how this is taking its toll on the independent truck drivers out there. Currently, many truck washes have no lines and are not making a significant income to pay the bills. Some of the larger truck wash chains are still doing okay as they are going for low-cost high-volume strategies with the major carriers.

Truck Water Fuel Kit – The Secret of Using Water As Fuel For Trucks Revealed

Trucks are very versatile work horse vehicle for many people. Due to its rugged and spacious design, trucks are in a class of its own. Unfortunately, with the current high global crude oil prices, gasoline costs have been raising at an alarming rate. The situation is hitting truck owners badly because trucks do consume large amount of fuel. To save fuel expenses, some people have to abandon their vehicles and use the public transportation. For those that make a living driving a truck, this may not be an option. Are there any ways to reduce fuel consumption?

Truck Hydrogen Conversion Kit – The Hidden Secrets of Using Water As Fuel For Trucks

Most people love a truck instead of a sedan due to its durable chassis and spacious interior design. Trucks are also useful for carrying heavy loads from one location to another. The current global crude oil supply is in question and that has lead to local gasoline prices to raise at an alarming rate. The current event has caused many hardships for truck owners due to the inflated fuel expense bill. Are there any ways to counter high fuel prices? One suggestion is to use a truck hydrogen conversion kit. How does the technology works? This article will reveal the hidden secrets of using water as fuel for trucks.

Gaylord Tonneau Cover Reviews

If you’re serious about buying the best fiberglass tonneau cover then you’ll have heard of Gaylord truck bed covers. They may be good but with their big price tag are they really worth it? Here’s a review of what’s on offer and what you’ll be getting for your hard-earned dollars.

Truck Bed Storage Solutions by Access

Is there any way to organize all those must-have things that are scattered around your truck bed? Truck bed storage is an easy way to reduce the stress in your life. Put all the little items that accumulate in your truck bed right where you can get at everything and know right where every item is.

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