Week 2 with mentor May trucking OTR

Information overload

Maintain Your Wheels – Ensure Your Safety

Keep your Aluminum Wheels polished and repaired for smooth and durable use of your vehicles. If the vehicle is inspected for problems and corrected, the driver will be safe while riding it.

Semi Truck Services in the Midwest

Semi trucks, there are services available specifically for you all over the Midwest. What do you need? Be aware of the location and find the right wrecker or 24-hour service near you when you’re on the road.

Get Street Smart While Buying Truck Accessories Online

One may confuse truck accessories with auto or truck parts. Looking for accessories in a parts store makes no sense. The accessories business is an established industry in itself.

Be Safe Out There – Truck Driver Safety Tips

It’s no secret that being a truck driver can be a dangerous occupation. There are risks anytime someone heads out on the road for even short trips around town, but truck drivers are out there 8 to 10 hours a day in all sorts of weather and traffic conditions. Add to that having to be on the road with drivers of every possible driving skill and you begin to understand why being a trucker can be so dangerous. To stay safe out there, even the most seasoned drivers can use a refresher on safety now and then.

How to Go About Purchasing Truck Accessories?

There are certain things that you should consider before buying your Truck Accessories. Generally, such accessories are fitted to enhance the look of the truck as well as provide some extra features.

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