Waiting For the BLUE BEACON wash

What Lorry Driver Training is Needed

There are lots of people that when they were children, they wished that they could have been a lorry driver out there on the road, exploring different places all the time. It is very possible for people to do this nowadays, as lorry drivers are now required more than ever!

Drop in Bed Liner – 3 Traps to Avoid

A drop in bed liner protects truck beds better than most other liners. There’s a catch though. The wrong liners are worse than no liner at all.

Haulage Companies – Top Funniest Call Signs

Long hours on the road are an unavoidable hazard of delivery work and long distance haulage work, so any source of entertainment (no matter how minor) to fill the silence, is a welcome relief. Back in the days before iPods and twelve stackers, the best fun you could have in your truck with your clothes on, was firing up the CB and getting into some chat with a whole lot of like minded strangers. (Or just friends you hadn’t met yet!)

GM’s Bare Necessity Truck Concept – The Future of Trucks? Fuel Economy Trends in the Truck Industry

GM has unveiled a concept truck with the goal of being the most economical, both financially and environmentally, pickup truck in mass production. Is this a premonition of the direction the industry is moving in, or is it a grand idea that’s just taking advantage of current public sentiment and not likely to come to fruition?

Truck For Sale by Owner

With the current state of the economy, getting the full value of your car or truck as an individual seller is a difficult task. Consumers are cutting back their spending in an attempt to save money in this recession. People are more inclined to try to pay less for a used car than the vehicle may actually be worth.

The Rising Cost of Fuel Forces Truck and SUV Owners to Sell

If you haven’t heard by now, people are selling their large trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles as quickly as possible because of rapidly rising gas prices. Most owners are reluctant to see their prized vehicles go, but they are finding that it is just not worth it to keep them. With the average price of regular unleaded gasoline once being at over $4.00 a gallon across most of the U.S., Americans are rethinking their need for oversized transportation.

A Truck Bed Rug Protects 5 Ways

A truck bed rug is one of the cheapest ways to protect your truck. It’s protection for more than you may have thought about too.

A Guide to Lorry Spotting

Try starting a conversation with most people (aside from the haulage companies) about trucks, and they’ll be asleep before you even get to discuss the merits of a mid-lift axle. But it seems that there is a new guard emerging – a breed so dedicated and eagle-eyed, that they are turning the talent of high speed number plate reading into an art form.

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