VOL. 4 Life of a Otr truck driver. Loading shingles Maryland to Massachusetts. $2500

Must-Have Items For Your Rig

Truck drivers spend most of their waking hours inside their rig. Since you have to spend so much time in your truck seat, you want it to be comfortable. To make that time easier and more comfortable, here are some must-have items for your rig.

Helpful Ideas From a Ford Diesel Truck Owner

I have a 94 Ford Diesel truck and in the last 14 years, I have added a coupe and a sedan to the family line up of cars. Previously, I had not thought twice about keeping the old truck around, but lately the cost of fuel has me thinking about what to do with my truck. I thought about selling it, but saw the price new and old trucks are garnering and decided to look elsewhere for some ways to get more out of my old truck.

How Can I Get Better Gas Mileage For My Truck? – Learn How to Increase MPG Up to 40%!

“How can I get better gas mileage for my truck” You ask? I can tell you right now, it’s a gas called HHO. I live in Texas and we love our trucks but we also know how expensive they can be to drive, especially with gas prices going higher and higher but HHO can save you lots of money and I want to spread the word, because I remember throwing all my money into the pump.

Fuel Theft is on the Rise – 7 Tips For Truckers

Fuel theft has always been a concern in the trucking industry. But with average fuel prices on the verge of breaking the $5 per gallon mark, it’s becoming an epidemic. High fuel prices are putting a squeeze on truckers, and some of them are getting desperate. Some are considering stealing fuel from other drivers for use in their own trucks. Others are considering stealing fuel in order to sell it to truckers who want to pay less. Either way, truck owners are getting nervous about the go-go juice.

Truck Gasoline Saving Tips – Convert Water to Fuel

With the current high fuel prices around the country, a lot of drivers are finding is hard to fill up their vehicle and keeping to their household budget. This is especially true for those who has to drive from one place to another in their automobile to make a living. Most of these people drive a truck because it is a reliable work horse. Due to its high engine capacity, a truck does consume a large amount of fuel. This article will share some ideas on truck gasoline saving tips.

Why Are Japanese Mini Trucks So Popular?

The Kei class vehicles have long been a product of Japan. Kei vehicles are lightweight vehicles and Kei trucks are small mini trucks that are used for a variety of purposes. These small versatile trucks have become a popular export to the United States.

Soft Tonneau Cover Review

I am writing this soft tonneau cover review to help people out who are looking for a soft tonneau cover but do not know exactly what they want or what is available. There may be more options out there then you are aware of. The most common soft tonneau cover, probably because of the low price factor, would be the soft roll up covers such as those made by Extang.

Ford F-Series Trucks – 1948 Overview

The Ford F-Series has become the backbone of the American roads and highways, from its beginnings in the late 1940’s through to its extraordinary success in the 1980’s & 1990’s. It was a long haul to the top of the sales charts but the story begins as one of Fords first models produced after the end of World War 2.

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