Unprofessional brokers and dispatchers ruin trucking (message to all drivers)

What Can You Buy An Independent Truck Driver for Cyber Monday?

Before retirement, I was in the truck washing business amongst other things, so I know a good deal about it. Interestingly enough this information came in handy the other day when I was at Starbucks. I was talking to a lady, and wished her a Happy Thanksgiving. She thanked me, but she told me that she was not planning anything because her husband was away on business. I asked her what type of business he did, and she said we own our own truck, and he is an independent long-haul truck driver. But she said she might do a little bit of shopping because there were many sales going on.

What Does It Take To Drive a Platform Trailer in Texas?

A license! So how do you go about getting that license? You read the Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Handbook of course. Common sense I know, you thought I was going to be more serious, well I am, after all it does take a certain type of person to be able to drive one of these monsters, it’s not as easy as getting your regular driving license.

Things To Remember When Selecting A Used F150

Pickup trucks are eventually the best vehicle that can match any lifestyle. With their features and performance you are sure that your investment is going to be good.

Surviving Self Employed Courier Jobs

Bicycle courier Bob, who has taken on hundreds of self employed courier jobs in the past few years, says delivering parcels and documents can be considered as one of those “one man’s poison, another man’s food” kind of things-if it works for you, it can be deeply fulfilling. He is taut and lean and covers around 80 miles on a good day, five days a week. And he has earned a lifetime’s worth of stories to tell.

How Do Refrigerator Trailer Trucks Keep Cold?

Refrigerator trucks are enclosed trucks used to move perishable goods that cannot be left at room temperature from one place to another. They move the perishable items from manufacturer facilities to the retail companies that will sell the food. Common foods being delivered this way are raw meats, frozen dinners, frozen ice cream products, sherbet, frozen yogurt, these items and more are brought to your grocery store by refrigerator trucks.

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