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Is a Hard Fiberglass Tonneau Cover Really Worth the Price Tag?

When you decide to buy a truck tonneau cover, you have several options as to material used in lid itself. There’s aluminum, canvas, vinyl and plastic polymers. But, by far the most expensive option is fiberglass. You really have to think carefully if a hard fiberglass tonneau cover is right for you or whether you should save yourself a few hundred dollars and fit one made of one of the other materials.

Tips on Installing Lift Kits For Trucks

Before you head down to the tire store to have your truck fitted with a nice set of off road tires, you definitely will want to check into having a lift kit installed. This is because if you have tires installed that are larger than your truck can accommodate, you will have problems with them rubbing on the inside of your wheel wells.

Plastic Bed Liners For Your Truck Are Better 4 Ways

Plastic truck bed liners aren’t just cheaper than spray on bed liners. Depending on how you use your truck, they may actually be better. Here’s how.

Accessories For Maximum Camper Shell Functionality

Camper shells are great additions to your pickup trucks. Aside from its practical functions, camper shells add personality to your vehicle. You can make your car look uniquely yours by embellishing look, adding camper shells and putting accessories to it.

Look Down on Others With a Dodge Lift Kit

How many times have you been rolling down the freeway in your truck, looked over and there was someone staring straight down your wife or girlfriends top. Some goon who had installed a lift kit in his truck was driving down the road inventorying that contents of peoples cabs and he had found you’re truck and its “contents”. Maybe its time that you took the “if you cant beat em join em” approach and got your own lift kit installed in your Dodge truck.

Truck Tool Boxes – Uses You May Not Have Known

Most truck enthusiasts know that your truck bed can be a blessing when you lack space in the cab of your truck. There are some items however, you may need to have at hand daily that aren’t suited for the bed of your truck. Whether you have emergency supplies, tools, or food for your crew, truck tool boxes can secure goods in a locked compartment, protected and organized.

Surprise! Pick Up Trucks Are Tops Once Again

When 2008 is all said and done, the auto industry will have marked one of its worst years in decades. A slowing economy, high gas prices, and fickle consumers will be among the top reasons cited for the tough year, though the latter reason may not be fully explained. After all, if the economy stinks and gas prices are high, why wouldn’t consumers avoid big cars, trucks, and SUVs?

The Common Uses of Trailer Hitches

Trailer hitches are an absolute must for towing and hauling. The devices themselves are relatively simple, but they are truly unsung heroes, allowing for a secure hold as well as the maneuverability and safety required when dealing with heavy loads.

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