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Guide to Hitch Shop for a Fifth Wheel Trailer

The most important part in towing a trailer is purchasing the right hitch. You need to know what hitch is best for your vehicle. These are easy steps you can follow when purchasing a hitch. You will know what hitch to buy depending on your needs.

Top Four Reasons Truck Drivers Are Calling It Quits

Over a span of at least three decades, the second largest industry in the nation has been unable to figure out the reasons why experienced, veteran truck drivers are quitting the vocation. The industry likes to refer to this as a truck driver shortage, just as they have done in the past. In reality, the most common complaints by drivers today are still the most common of past decades.

Do You Know How to Protect Your Wheels From Thieves?

Wheel theft is not something new to you. In one way or the other, maybe you have fallen victim at some point and if not you, maybe a friend. Leaving your car unguarded is something that’s unavoidable; in an open home garage after coming back from a trip or even outside a shop while out for shopping. Thieves can come at any time. They won’t care whether the car is already in your home compound or outside a restaurant; their mission has to be accomplished.

How About a Local Transportation Networking Committee?

Having visited hundreds of economic development associations around the country along with many chambers of commerce as I franchised my business in 23 states, I can recall numerous groups promoting the fact that they had their transportation and distribution systems within their county or city all figured out, where everything was streamlined, and they called that an advantage to anyone relocating into their area. In fact, it was usually in the brochures and promotional material of the economic development committees and chambers.

Choosing the Right Cold Air Intake

Choosing the right cold air intake for your vehicle is important. This will determine how well your engine performs. There are factors that one should consider when purchasing a cold air intake. Here are some factors you should consider.

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