Trucker rants about other truckers. Who makes more MONEY

Statistics Regarding Mind Altering Substance Use and Truck Drivers

Of all the drivers on the road, it can be argued that semi truck drivers need to be the most responsible, experienced, and defensive. Operating a truck is very difficult when certain factors are taken into account such as the size, weight, and visibility limitations of these vehicles. These issues make the fact that certain drivers on the highways and roadways are under the influence of certain mind altering substances all the more unnerving.

How to Find Loads on the Internet

If you are in the truck loads and freight business, then you must be aware that the internet is one of the money makers in this industry and majority of the most profitable truck loads companies usually derive and take their business to the internet. The main reason behind this is that most holders of freight and carrier companies usually post their orders for loads onto the internet. This ultimately results in uncountable daily postings of loads on the internet.

Things to Avoid When Trucking Loads

The truck loads business, like any other enterprise, faces a number of risks. These risks are magnanimous especially because you need to invest a fortune in order to succeed in the freighting industry.

Keeping Your Truck AC Running Smooth

A drive belt makes your truck’s air conditioning compressor turn, which keeps the cooling refrigerant circulating through the system. A bad belt can cause damage to your AC system by cracking, slipping or breaking, which will stop the compressor and shut down your AC. Make sure that you check the belt every now and then ensure that its in good shape.

Bigfoot – The First Monster Truck

Monster truck shows are a popular event in cities all around the country. But they might not even exist without the original. Bigfoot!

Finding the Right Truck Tool Box

Picking the right toolbox for your truck can be a little confusing. Some applications require a special fitting box.

Best Gas Mileage – Pick Up Trucks

We are living in an age where fuel prices are soaring and people are greatly concerned about the amount of money spent on fuel. Keeping with the sentiments of the time, vehicle fuel efficiency has garnered a lot of attention; a factor which was easily dismissed in favor of better designs and top of the line accessories till yesterday has now become a crucial constraint when buying vehicles. If you have recently visited an auto show, you will find vehicle manufacturers falling over each other trying to tout the fuel efficiency of their products to potential customers.

Loving the Landrover Brand

Landrover have over the years become an International brand, not just within celebrity circles and households across the world but also with charitable foundations and organisations that use these vehicles for their absolute off-roading ability. After partnering with the Born Free Foundation the Landrover brand has supported numerous projects (to name just a few) including the Elephant Ambulance in Sri Lanka, the ‘Anti-poaching’ activities in Kenya and also a Royal Geographical event in 2009, with a main focus on ‘Elephants: the big picture’.

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