“TRAILER REJECTED” To Much MUD in the Trailer!!! What do I do Now ?? Daily Life OTR Trucking Fail

AIMS – Hit The Loss Prevention Target Every Time

Traditional warning triangles and traffic cones are no longer considered the safest alternatives to mitigate losses as traffic congestion increases in major metropolitan areas. Considering a loss prevention strategy that includes AIMS (Assured Incident Management Solutions) is having a major influence on proactively addressing safety concerns of Fleet Managers and ultimately, creates a highly visible and secure operating environment.

Heavy Duty Ford Pickup Parts

Vehicles should not only be made for the normal road as there are still a lot of places with only off-road terrains. That is the concept of Henry Ford and so he started manufacturing vehicles specifically for off-road use and so his Ford Pickup Trucks were born into this world. One of the cars that immortalized Ford’s niche in the car industry, is unarguably the Ford Mustang. This is the car that “started it all.”

Semi Truck Financing

With truck prices at or higher than the price of some new homes, it’s important that you examine all of your semi truck financing options before committing yourself to what are sure to be some hefty payments. In additional to traditional dealer and bank financing, the Internet has opened up some new channels for obtaining financing that may not have existed when you bought your last truck. Applying online for financing gets your application in front of multiple lenders and gives you the best chance of getting the most favorable interest rates and repayment terms.

Biodiesel Recipes- The “Down and Dirty” Story

Do you want to search the internet, or do want to make biodiesel? You can get an overview of the simple and easy process here.

Toll Booths and Bird Flu – May God Help the Humans?

Recently, I wrote an article about Bird Flu and the problems it caused for human operated toll-booth on toll-roads. The article apparently hit a major publication and several high-traffic online websites. Then I was asked to further elaborate on my points of contention. One gentleman emailed me and said recently that a lady at the toll-booth was wearing gloves.

Off-Road Tires – A Beginner’s Reference

Looking to buy some new off-road tires? Hold it right there. If you’re just looking to grab the biggest, most wicked-looking off-road tires available, there are a few things you should probably know before you go about doing so.

So You Want to Build a Truck Wash Outside of Town?

Consulting in the Truck Wash Industry is not easy, often we get calls from people all over the country who proclaim that they are interested in setting up a Truck Wash. Not long ago, a gentleman from Texas emailed for some consulting services in the Truck Wash Sector and before we agreed to consult with them we had the following questions:

5 Steps to Buying a Big Rig

When you decide to buy a truck there are some simple steps you can take to be sure you get the best bang for your buck. If you go into a truck purchase blindly, you are likely to pay too much and get much less than you hoped for.

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