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Isuzu Trucks

Isuzu is a very well known name in the trucking industry. The Isuzu Motor Company produces commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Isuzu was listed as the world’s biggest medium to heavy duty truck manufacturer in the world for 2005

International Trucks – The New Luxury Living

Imagine driving a truck that has all the luxuries of a high class resort. Typically speaking International trucks have always stood for quality, at least in the mind of many truckers. What began as a reputation for quality and dependability in a medium truck will soon take a venture into the luxury driving genre.

Western Star Trucks

Western Star is a name that has long stood for quality and power. The trucks from this company have been evident for many years and truckers across the nation have come to appreciate the reliability of this truck manufacturer. Western Star trucks began their rise to popularity in 1970 when White Trucks began the Western Star division as White Western Star.

The Undeniable Name of GMC Trucks

The General Motors Corporation, formerly known as GMC Truck is a name that is very well known throughout the world. In 2007 this company was GM’s second largest selling vehicle division coming in close behind Chevrolet. GMC was originally dubbed the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company by Max Grabowski when he established the company in 1901. This was when some of the earliest commercial trucks were designed. By 1909 the company was turned over to General Motors which then formed the basis for General Motors Truck Company.

Ford Trucks – Henry Must Be Proud

You’ve surely heard their motto “Built Ford Tough”. Well, Ford is not simply referring to their line of pickups. Ford Motor Company is currently the third largest automaker in the world. This Dearborn, MI company that was founded on June 16, 1903 by Mr. Henry Ford has more than held up to its reputation with personal vehicles as well as heavy duty trucks…

Mack Trucks – The Power of the Bulldog

Everyone knows a Bulldog when they see it. The Bulldog has long been the symbol of the Mack truck. The company earned its nickname during World War I when the British government bought the Mack AC model in order to supply troops, food and equipment to its soldiers on the front line.

Know What LTL (Less Than Truckload) Means Before You Start Shipping Motor Freight

LTL stands for Less Than Load – this means that the cargo that is being shipped does not require an entire truckload by itself. Generally, an LTL shipment ranges between 100lbs and 20,000lbs. Less than truckload freight carriers usually would collect the shipments from various shippers and consolidate them onto enclosed trailers or trucks to the delivering terminal or to a hub terminal where the freight would then be sorted out and consolidated for additional linehauls.

Haulage Pirates – The Rise of Diesel Rustling

As fuel prices rise, an increasing number of lorry drivers are becoming the victims of diesel rustlers. Take a look at what lorry drivers can do to protect themselves against the fuel thieves.

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