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Australian Road Trains

In the Australian outback, the railways are few, the roads long and the demand for delivery work plentiful. The “road train” is Australia’s solution: a tractor unit pulling two or more trailers. They barrel along the long, straight roads at 90 to 100 kph, crossing the country and leaving almost obliterated road kill in their wake. Similar vehicles ply the roads in the USA, Canada, Argentina and Mexico, but Australia knows how to make them really big.

Nylon Webbing – Keeping America Safe

Rarely do we consider the strength of the nylon webbing and ratchet systems that hold our cargo in place. Here’s a glimpse at where technology has taken us.

Jacked Up Truck Tires

To pull tractors and mud bog with the best of the jacked up trucks, your truck needs specialized and exceptionally large tires and wheels. Monster truck enthusiasts and the agricultural vehicle industry have teamed to provide exactly the huge, rugged tires you need for your jacked up truck.

Nylon Webbing – Life Saving Security in a Little Package

Nylon webbing has made such a strong showing in the world that it’s virtually invisible to us. Sometimes it helps to remember just how beneficial it truly is.

How Much Fuel Is Each Vehicle In Your Fleet Using?

Do you have a business that maintains a fleet of vehicles? Do you know how much fuel each of those vehicles is using every time that it leaves your parking lot? Chances are that you don’t have this information.

Law Enforcement Supplies Come in Many Forms

It is important to look into getting different law enforcement supplies for one’s protective needs. These supplies can work as materials that will improve a person’s ability to feel protected and to prevent different types of risks from occurring in different areas. The supplies that one can get are legal for the public to use as well.

Lifted Trucks For Sale Online

For those of you interested in a cool heavy duty lifted truck for sale, there are many places to look. Here are some useful suggestions for places to find just what you are looking for.

Finding the Best Truck Driving Jobs

Finding a job in a slow economy can be difficult unless you know where to look. For many people the current state of the economy has prevented them from finding work, but in the transportation industry there are lots of truck driving jobs that are available for experienced and qualified drivers. Without listing their truck drivers wanted ads in newspapers or on internet sites for the world to see many nationally recognized transportation companies rely on recruiting firms to help them fill the open positions within their organization.

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