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Things I’ve Learned About Production and Processes in Cleaning Fleets of Vehicles

Prior to retirement, I ran a mobile truck washing franchising company, and about a dozen years ago, I went in with 4 of our franchisees in the greater Phoenix AZ area to secure an account with the big water and power company there to negotiate a contract to clean all of their vehicles. It turns out the utility company already had a nationwide fleet washing company cleaning their vehicles. In fact they were doing the vehicles for only $2.80 each.

What to Look for When Buying a Dump Truck!

Are you looking at dump truck sales to find a good vehicle that fits the needs of your company? Read this article to learn what important specifications should be considered in the selection of the right dump truck for a particular application!

What Are the Key Crane Truck Components?

Do you know very much about the key components that all together make up a crane truck? Read this article to learn what each key component is, what it does, and how they all work together to allow the proper functioning of a crane truck!

Top Tips for Vacuum Truck Hydraulic Maintenance!

Do you have a vacuum truck and need to know the best way to take care of the highly important hydraulic system that plays such a key role in the functioning of this vehicle? Read this article to learn some of the causes of hydraulic system failure and specific maintenance tips to prevent this from happening!

Check Your Dump Truck Daily!

Do you know the importance of daily inspections of a dump truck, how vital it is to the safe operation of that vehicle? Read this article to learn the specific items that need to be examined daily in orderly to prevent any potential accidents with this heavy-duty vehicle!

Grapple Trucks – Important Things to Know!

Are you looking for a grapple truck but are unsure exactly what you need to know in order to make the best selection of the available trucks on the market? Read this article to be informed about grapple trucks, their parts and their key features!

Guide to Selecting Flow Meters

There are a range of flow meters on the market, from nozzle flow meters to mechanical and electronic flow meters. Read the guide to find out how to select your flow meter.

Staying in Top Form With Exterior Truck Accessories

Any truck owner or enthusiast is without a doubt would like their trucks to look at its best all the time. They would like to maintain or level up the performance of their vehicles. One way to be able to accomplish this goal is to spend some money for the exterior truck accessories.

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