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Truck Washing in the Future

Truck Washing in the future will be fully robotic in order to save labor and currently at least one manufacturer has a bus wash machine that is 54 feet long and can wash a bus in approximately 9 minutes. We were impressed with this concept and interested in its possible uses.

Motor Coach Truck Combos

One very interesting combination of industries is the taking of a Truck and making it into a Recreational Vehicle or Motor Home. In fact it is getting quite common these days and there are several manufacturers who specialize in this market.

Lighter Materials for Trucks

One of the reasons that trucks are so expensive is the cost of materials. Consider the increased cost of steal, aluminum or stainless. We have closed down most of the mines in our nation now. Let’s talk a little bit about the Flow of Raw Materials for a moment to help get a better perspective on this subject.

Sleepless Truck Drivers and Trucking Accidents From Falling Asleep

The issue with truck drivers falling asleep at the wheel and killing themselves, causing an accident or killing another motorist is of grave concern. Of course the truth is that most of the truck drivers who fall asleep end up on their sides off the side of the road. No these accidents are not acceptable and they can be deadly, but often the mass media hysteria blows this out of proportion.

Simple Technology Devices to Prevent Truckers From Falling Asleep at the Wheel

One really tragic and needless occurrence that we can surely do away with in our Nation is accidents by truck driver’s who fall asleep at the wheel. So the Online Think Tank set out to investigate this problem and look at some research. The actual problem is not as common as you might think and the mass media hysteria over the issues is completely blown out of proportion.

Trucking Industry, Truck Parking and Hours of Service Debates

Many folks are concerned that truck drivers spend too many hours straight driving across the country and that in doing so jeopardize the public safety on our Nation’s highways. Indeed there have been some accidents however much of the concern is completely overblown.

Falling Asleep Accidents From Truck Drivers

There are huge debates going on in the Trucking Industry due to an overblown media scare over truck drivers who drive all night and day and night without sleeping and therefore might cause an accident. Fatigue and Drowsiness are indeed issues and now many of these concerns are changing.

Peterbilt Hybrid Medium Duty Hydraulic Assist Truck Hits the Road

Well we knew it was just a matter of time until Peterbilt stepped up to the plate with a Hybrid Truck and the engineers at Eaton Corporation their partner in the new design were holding nothing back. In fact this new truck is not only breaking sales records – selling like hotcakes, but it is delivering incredible fuel efficiency and savings, as well as power. Just what the trucking company customers ordered and a few municipalities and utility companies too.

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