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The Bedrug Liner – Best 3 Ways

Sometimes a carpet bed liner beats all. Especially for a cushion ride, a Bedrug Liner may be best. Here are three ways the carpet liner may be the best choice.

3 Tips For Choosing the Best Drop in Truck Bed Liner

A drop in truck bed liner makes other bed liners look weak in comparison. But there are a couple of potential problems you should watch for if you choose one of these. Here are three tips for choosing the best liner.

How to Apply a DupliColor Bed Liner – 3 Tips

A DupliColor Bed Liner is a fast way to improve the looks of your truck and save money at the same time. Here are three tips to get the finished look you want.

How to Apply a Dupli Color Truck Bed Liner – 3 Easy Tips

A Dupli-Color truck bed liner is far cheaper than a typical spray on bed liner. For many trucks it may be just as good. The coating is polyurethane pain that includes rubbery texture pieces. It’s made to be either sprayed on or even rolled or brushed on. We just put on a roll on bed liner and here are three tips based on what we learned.

Buy Used Trucks With Less Risk!

Buying used trucks is a great way to save money and still get very good quality. We briefly explore places to look for these and some tips on how to avoid buying a dud.

Great Tips on Choosing the Right Trailer Hitch

A trailer hitch is used to secure a trailer to your car and allows you to transport heavy loads. Learn how to find the right hitch that will work with your car.

Truck Running Boards

Nowadays, trucks are manufactured higher and higher off the ground and make it difficult to enter and exit the truck. Truck running board is an accessory, when installed makes the boarding very easy and prevents straining of the leg and the lower back.

A Trucker’s Guide to Staying Healthy on the Road

Truckers can sit behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler for up to 16 hours a day. All that sitting, mixed with a potential breakfast, lunch and dinner all from a greasy spoon truck stop can make for a very unhealthy lifestyle.

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