Responsibilities YOU Don’t See. What Is The Job Of A Freight Broker?

The Undercover Tonneau Cover Review – To Purchase Or Not to Purchase?

If you are looking for a hard truck cover that is secure, weatherproof and reasonably priced, should you look at the Undercover tonneau cover? Many people have already purchase this truck bed cover. Have they wasted their money?

Reading the Road Ahead

Speak to any truck driver and you’ll probably find someone who more often than not takes his work home with him. No, we don’t mean he pulls up outside his house with his truck still full (although with a returnload this may well be the case); it’s just that a truck driver tends to eat, sleep and breathe trucks, and most are as passionate about the subject in their leisure hours as well. You only have to look at the amount of rallies and tradeshows that are held around the world to see that it’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Couriers – Big Van – Little Van?

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business, and you love driving, then becoming a courier is the obvious choice for you. As long as you have a clean licence and are in relatively good health, it is an occupation that doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, religion or even size.

Tata Xenon – Own Something Different

India has waited long for this kind of vehicle. Tata motors has taken a very smart step in the Indian Automobiles Market.

World Records on the Roads

Everybody dreams of holding a world record, and those working in the haulage industry are no exception to this rule. Whether it’s the greatest number of years spent on the road, the greatest number of returnloads completed in 24 hours, or perhaps even the highest number of burgers you can get through in a lunch stop, it’s always worth having a goal to aim for. We take a look at some of the most impressive records held within the haulage industry.

Off Road Lights – Raising Driving Standards by Increasing Visibility in Bad Weather Conditions

If you have ever experienced driving through, snow, sleet, intense rains, deep set fogs, you better know how risky and difficult is to control your vehicle in such weather conditions. Weather change and so as the conditions for the drivers on the road like with the onslaught of winter, comes the likelihood of fog, one of the most difficult weather conditions affecting visibility on the road and make it difficult to see clearly the road ahead as well as the other drivers and pedestrians.

Brake Shoes

Braking system is the most crucial part of any automotive application, specially so in the Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers or Buses. For Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers the Casted Brake Shoes are used, as they have the required strength to undergo the kind of pressure exerted in applying brakes to a vehicle loaded with 80 to 100 tonne load.

Tipper Truck Hire – Types and Importance

Tipper trucks belong to the class of big vehicles. There are different types of trucks, which are used for carrying heavy material in large sums, and this truck is one of them. There are many companies which provide tipper hire services. These vehicles can be hired for transferring goods and luggage from one place to another.

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