Remove A 60 Series Detroit engine from A Cascadia

Truck Bed Liner – How Spray on Liners Work

A truck bed liner is almost a must-have for any pickup truck. Otherwise damage to the bed is a sure result. Here’s where spray on liners are best.

Japanese Mini Trucks – Efficient & Extremely Reliable Vehicles in Japan

For the past few decades Japan’s name has been synonymous with a technologically resourceful nation. They are the leaders in the vehicle manufacturing segment for automobiles, which are extremely dependable and fuel-efficient.

The Reason Behind the Rampant Popularity of Japanese Mini Trucks

As in any other segment of the automobile industry there has been constant evolution in the domain of Japanese Mini Trucks too. The sizes of these trucks and the equipments for emission control, which were prevalent previously, have undergone lot of changes.

Japanese Mini Trucks – Highly Reliable Trucks For Carrying Heavy Loads

The specially designed trucks known as Japanese Mini Trucks which are imported from the technologically advanced nation of Japan have caught everybody’s imaginations. They are alternatively also known by the names of ‘Kei”, “Micro” or even “Keitora.” Toughness and reliability are the two essential attributes of these trucks and they also provide a high degree of fuel efficiency.

Learn All About the Fuel Efficient and Economically Viable Japanese Mini Trucks

Japan has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of various types of automobiles. Japanese mini trucks are hugely in demand these days mostly due to its inherent qualities that are rarely found in trucks of similar calibers. This stunningly robust vehicle is incredibly fuel efficient and hence financially this truck is the best option for you if you have to carry limited quantity of goods from one place to another on a daily basis.

The Specialties & Features of Japanese Mini Trucks

If you are a small time business man, a fisher man, gardener, or you run construction business then acquiring a few of their compact and sturdy vehicles will serve your interests well. There are dealers across United States, providing good quality vehicles. The vehicle is a light weight fuel efficient automobile which can run for miles without refueling.

Postman Cat Amongst the Pigeons

With the current state of the Royal Mail, and all the postal delays, you may feel that a chimpanzee would do a better job than your current postie, and who knows you could even be right. The truth is that animals have been working courier jobs for centuries, and as we’ve yet to see a Saint Bernard on strike it’s likely that they’ll be working a more reliable service than your average postman for many more: Carrier pigeons, or homing pigeons, are the best known animals with courier jobs and they’ve been providing this service to the…

Why Not Get a Job in the Trucking Industry – A Book Review

No matter what happens in the business cycle, whether we are in an expansion period or a recessionary period “goods and services” still need to get to market. The distribution supply chain must operate and therefore, perhaps you’d like to get involved in the trucking industry for a good solid career. Well if this interests you I’d like to recommend a very good book, one that I own. The author makes quite a few good points and there is a good bit of history discussed as well.

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