Rebuilding A WRECKED Family Minivan Bought From SALVAGE Auction | 2016 Toyota Sienna #minivanlife

Aerodynamic Tail Cones and Challenges With Vibrations Causing Failure

Prior to retirement I was in the truck washing industry, and before that I was in the aviation sector. Interestingly enough, when you are clean aircraft or trucks, you notice things that other people perhaps do not see, unless they are mechanics. Often I saw corrosion, and cracks in the fiberglass of tail cones on aircraft and on over the road trucks.

History of Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner Trucks has been known as Freightliner Inc since 1942, but it actually has an earlier history in the 1930s as Consolidated Freightways. Consolidated Freightways began to develop its own line of trucks by reconstructing Fageols in an attempt to improve the abilities of heavy duty trucks to be able to climb the steep grades of the mountainous regions of the western part of the United States.

The Latest Foldng Tonneau Cover

There are many tonneau covers out there and you will find a folding tonneau cover to be the most wanted. A soft folding tonneau cover is great, but you may find the latest tonneau cover to be much more appealing.

Tips to Save Money and Fuel on a Used Heavy Truck

Used heavy trucks are a great expense for anyone who requires using them on a daily basis. The trucks themselves are a big investment but the maintenance, insurance and many other factors add to the cost as well. In recent history, the cost of fuel has consistently been on the rise, with thoughts of prices as they were ten years ago, fading into time. With fuel prices being so high, it’s even more expensive than ever to use heavy trucks, even the less expensive used heavy trucks.

How to Get the Best Price When Looking for Used Heavy Trucks for Sale

Looking for used heavy trucks for sale is a matter of being patient and taking the time for due diligence in order to avoid common problems that many people face and to make sure that the best possible vehicle and price are received in the end. To help prepare for a smart search through listings for used heavy trucks for sale, take a moment to consider the following tips.

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