Digger Derrick Saftey Procautions

Prior to operating a digger derrick you must read, understand and follow the safety and operating procedures found in the unit’s manual, unit decals and other materials provided with the unit. If this information is missing, make sure you ask the correct questions to the seller to make sure you use the digger derrick properly.

Tipping the Driver on Deliveries

When drivers have delivered a back load in record time and on time, you might wonder whether to give them a tip. This article may provide the answer.

How To Stay Alert When Performing Haulage Work

When performing haulage work, attention and alertness can make a big difference between safety and danger. This is especially true if your job entails driving for most part of the day.

An Historical Overview of the Courier Trade

Couriers have long been employed in the act of carrying messages and important goods from place to place. Their services have been used by kings, princes and members of the aristocracy in different countries. They have had to negotiate barren landscapes and poorly maintained roads both on foot and horseback.

Driving for a Living – How to Beat Boredom

Those individuals employed by specialist courier jobs agencies may be used to long days driving along motorways and dreary city streets. At such times it is usual to think about the alternative careers that you could have pursued and the fun you could be having with friends and family. However, it is possible to alleviate the boredom by adopting the techniques and trying the activities outlined in this article.

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