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Use Bed Liner Paint to Make Your Truck Bed Look Like New

Bed liner paint is easy to apply and can greatly improve the looks of your truck. There are a few tricks to success that we learned on our truck.

Why Bed Liners For Trucks Are a Must For Your Ride

Bed liners for truck protect your vehicle and give it a finished custom look too. But there are several types of liners. The best one for you may not be the most expensive.

Drop in Truck Bed Liners – If You Haul More Than Groceries

Drop in truck bed liners excel in protecting your pickup. If you haul more than just groceries, you need tough protection for your expensive vehicle. That’s why a drop in bed liner may be a better choice than the much more expensive spray on liner.

Truck Restorations – Part 1 – How to Decide What You Really Want

If you want to buy an old truck or if you already own one maybe you should know more about old vehicle restorations. There are several ways of approaching the problem and we are going to discuss them in this series of articles.

A Truck Bed Coating is More Than Just Looks

Truck bed coating is essential if you want a truck that keeps looking good. A professional liner may be the permanent solution that’s best for you. But a do it yourself liner is a great way to improve an older truck while you save hundreds over the cost of a professional liner.

A Spray on Bed Liner is a Permanent Fix to Protect Your Truck

Protect your valuable truck from damage with a spray on bed liner. A custom liner finishes off the look of your truck too. Use your truck for hauling and still keep it looking new with a custom professional coating.

Jeep Gas Mileage

Jeeps have been produced for the military and for civilians since the 1940s, and there have been a large variety of Jeep models produced. Jeep gas mileage has changed with the times as well, not that much and some vehicles got worse, but change has happened. Jeep gas mileage does vary model to model, and if you want a Jeep there are models that have decent gas mileage. For example, the 2008 Compass 2WD gets 23 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway, which is not that bad for an SUV.

Four-Wheeling and the Environment

Four-wheeling and the environment is talked about often and four wheelers’ impact on the environment needs to be acknowledged and thought about. If you use your Jeep for recreational off-road driving you are impacting the environment as you enjoy it, and if you want to keep on enjoying the outdoors with your Jeep, it is a good idea to try to lessen your impact on the environment. Since Jeeps and other recreational four-wheel vehicles are usually large and heavy, they make a big impact on terrain like forests. They also impact the environment because most Jeeps have bad gas mileage and emit pollution.

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