Pickup truck and trailer hits my fully loaded semi. #owneroperator #truckdriver

Buyer Beware – What to Look Out For When Shopping For a Used Truck

The Truck is a favorite when it comes to owning a reliable vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to use a truck for commercial use at your job or just because need something to pull your boat or haul household items around, a truck can be your most valued possession.

Crane Operation – Be Safe, Not Sorry

Accidents due to some ones irresponsibility keep happening round the clock. And you will not be surprised to know that cranes at construction sites, oil rigs and mines are the cause of fatal injuries and even deaths. Not ensuring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a major cause for these accidents. It could also be the case that the crane operator is not well trained or skilled enough to take preventive safety measures and is unaware of emergency procedures.

Checking a Heavy Duty Truck Battery

You Cannot Check CCA or CA on A Brand New Battery Accurately. If you do check brand new batteries the reading will not be consistent. You can take two brand new batteries and test them both and the readings will not be the same.

Roll Off Truck Tarping Systems – 3 Tips to Saving You Thousands of Dollars

Owners and managers of roll off fleets have made costly mistakes for their company by not being informaed about what type of roll off tarping system is best for their operation. On the other hand, making the right decision can save themselves and the company thousands of dollars by not going down the wrong path but following these 3 simple tips.

Heavy Equipment Training – The Career Prospects

Heavy equipment career training is offered at many vocational learning centers, trade institutions and community colleges. Bob the builder! Can we fix it? Bob the builder! Yes we can!

Roll Off Truck Tarps – The Requirement to Cover and Your 3 Choices

To identify the need to cover refuse loads and the three categories of roll off tarping systems to choose from: Fully Automatic Tarp System, Semi-Automatic Tarp System, and Hand Tarp Every state has littering laws which requires haulers of refuse to cover their loads in order to prevent garbage from littering the roadways. Also, upon entering landfills throughout the country, signs are normally posted that require all loads to be covered with a tarp upon entering and exiting the landfill. Do all tarp systems satisfy the laws?

How to Convert a Pickup Truck Into a Pure Electric Vehicle

Many car owners are really keen to get their hands on a pure electric vehicle (EV). This was because of a very bad experience back in 2008 when gasoline price was at its highest. Many were not ready for a sudden increase in their personal energy expense bill. One solution to help us save money is to use EV for our daily commute. For the time being, a new electric car from the dealership is still quite expensive. Without an economy of scale, car manufacturers are unable to bring the cost down. Therefore, many people are converting a gas driven car to run on electricity through a Do It Yourself (DIY) project from their home garage.

Idling Alternatives – How Truckers Can Stay Cool When It’s Hot

Idling in your big rig not only wastes gas and costs money, but it’s also harmful to the environment; in fact, many areas around the country are passing anti-idling legislation which keeps truckers from running their engines no matter the temperature outside. So what are the best ways to keep your cab cool during the hot, summer months?

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