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The Value of Vacuum Truck Ground Monitoring Systems to Vacuum Trucks

What do you know about ground monitoring systems for vacuum trucks? Read this article to learn important facts about the value of using these systems to prevent costly static electricity discharges when pumping!

Deals On Wheels: Your Guide to Finding Bargain Pick Up Truck Lease Deals

Who doesn’t want to get a good bargain on any consumer product? Whether you need a truck for your business or for rough yet loads-of-fun driving, you want to be able to pay an ideal price for a top-quality brand. To keep you on track with this goal, here is an easy guide to find bargain pick up truck lease deals.

Top 10 Trucker Safety Tips

The physical and mental demands of the trucking business can be especially taxing on its drivers. An ignorance of the safety measures involved is not only dangerous to truckers, but also innocent motorists passing by.

Need for Food Tracking and Tracing Technologies

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, roughly one in six Americans become ill from eating contaminated food. Furthermore, according to the online magazine Food Safety News, food withdrawals, rejections and recalls cost the food industry $7 billion annually. Food tracking and tracing is one of the issues that has drawn considerable attention.

Smart Phone App for Over-The-Road Truck Coupling With Passenger Cars Saving Fuel – Innovation

The other day, I was reading about how Hertz Rent a Car and Zip Car have gotten together to help promote ridesharing with a car rental industry flair. Some of the more evangelical types who like the idea of car sharing felt as if Zip Car and their founders had sold themselves out to a large Corporation. I’m not sure I buy that argument, because I know Hertz is a huge company, and can give the infusion of capital needed to take it to the next step. They already have a superior management system set up, and a long-standing solid business model.

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