Over 4+ months. May trucking OTR (2 week notice) Gain your experience and move on.

Making moves:

Maximize Your Truck’s Fuel Efficiency

Don’t you love your diesel truck? Most of us do. We love the torque and the power they offer. With the cost of diesel fuel rising in recent years, here are some ways to maximize your truck’s fuel efficiency.

Buying That Car That You Want For Your Price

Buying your car for your price. How this takes time, patience and determination. Also a willingness to compromise from both the seller and the buyer. One cannot be too quick to make a decision to buy an automobile Truck or otherwise. This leaves at least one part of the equation unbalanced and also a great propensity to be disappointed when the closure of the deal occurs.

If Your Operator Licence Is Granted

If your licence is granted A traffic commissioner will inform you if your application has been granted and will request the appropriate fee. Once the fee has been received, your licence and (if you have specified a vehicle) vehicle-specific discs will be sent to you.

How Can Enrolling In Truck Driving Schools Help Me Land A Job?

For the average, self-taught CDL holder, landing a job without the support of Truck Driving Schools is difficult enough as it is. With no school and no experience to back you up, most of these prospective commercial drivers’ resumes have been repeatedly pushed farther and farther to the back of the applicants’ folders.

What Kind Of Training Will I Undergo In Truck Driving Schools?

Truck driving schools are dedicated learning centers that teach the basic knowledge required of an aspiring commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver. Truck driving is a very taxing profession. Truck drivers will have to deal with the stress of piloting huge trailers and tractors.

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