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Brake Wars – EBC Vs. Brembo

In one corner, we have EBC Brakes, stalwart of the motorcycle scene and automotive up-and-comer. In the red trunks, track-dominator Brembo. Who will win the war for world brake domination?

The Future of Truck Tires

No one can deny that one of the most problematic issues or pieces of equipment for Modern Day Trucks are the tires. In fact something really needs to be done. All too often the Truckers suffer from breakdowns due to blow outs, stuck on the side of the road for hours – sometimes in very dangerous places too.

Truck Design and Materials

The trucking industry will change drastically in the next 20 years and out pace previous decades of slower incremental change. Much of this change will come from the need to increase efficiency, reduce pollution and take advantages of economies of scale.

Light Up the Night or Blind Jerks On The Road With Auxiliary Lights

When you think you have everything your truck needs, guess again-you probably don’t have a blinding bank of lights. No worries, though, because there are plenty of brands like PIAA, KC and Hella that make the performance lamps you need to bleach the nighttime. Get ready to flip the switch on portable daylight!

Modern Tuning Makes Maximizing Performance Much Faster

Putting some extra ponies into your daily motoring used to take entire days, cost hundreds of dollars in parts, and usually cause the loss of three or four knuckles. Not so in today’s computer-controlled vehicles, where tuning is about as easy as playing Tetris on a Game Boy. Let’s take a look at performance chips and programmers and how they’ve changed vehicle tuning.

Ford Mustang

Prominent among the characteristics of living things is the growth propensity. The conceived living organism in this regard is technology. It is about the fastest growing but intangible entity known to history. Though takes its root from the human mind, it has dramatically overgrown that origin at inestimable proportions. Such is the scenario that determines the advancement of Ford Mustang.

Tonight’s Main Event – K&N Cold Air Intakes vs AEM Cold Air Intakes

Sure, comparisons are a nice, dignified way to pit two things against each other to find a measured victor in a gentlemanly fashion. But, that’s no way to decide which performance parts are best for your ride. In this edition, we pit K&N Cold Air Intakes versus AEM Cold Air Intakes in a gritty steel cage match. Read on for the blow-by-blow account of the clash of the induction titans.

Vinyl Decals And Stickers

Novices at the vehicle wrap business know very well that the easiest way to place graphics on cars is to start with vinyl decals and stickers. Since full wrapping requires much skill, a huge investment on installation materials, and larger sheets of vinyl, beginners can do well by knowing how to apply these smaller units.

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