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Fiberglass Tonneau Covers – Tips to Make Sure You Buy the Best For Your Truck

You’ve worked had for your money and fiberglass tonneau covers don’t come cheap. So, before you part with your money you need to make sure you buy the truck cover that’s right for you. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Fitting a Truck Tonneau Cover Will Significantly Lower the Running Costs of Your Vehicle

It used to be that the main reasons for fitting a truck tonneau cover were for the security and protection of your belongings but, with sky-high gas prices, buying a tonno cover can now save you money. In fact, if you do a lot of mileage, you should be thinking if you can afford NOT to fit one.

Truck Steel – Totally Tubular

Truck steel is made from tubular steel, but why? This article examines the reasons behind why tubular steel is used for truck accessories.

Brief Instructions on Installing a Grille Guard

There are many truck owners out there who love the look of a grille guard. You yourself might have seen a truck like yours go by with one mounted on the front end and wondered how hard it would be to install one on your own pickup. Installation worries are often one of the biggest reasons that people hesitate when it comes to purchasing a guard.

Is Your Tailgate Affecting Your Gas Tank?

Largely due to the increase in gasoline and diesel costs over the past 12 months, fuel mileage is currently one of the hottest topics in the truck world. Pickup truck owners face a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to improving the fuel economy of their vehicles.

18-Wheelers and Gas Mileage

18-wheelers and other large vehicles get exceptionally bad gas mileage. They are known to get less than 10 miles per gallon even when just the cab of the truck is in use. If there is a trailer attached to the cab, gas mileage can be less than 5 miles per gallon. Because of the atrocious gas mileage and the expense of filling up a gas tank, truck drivers frequently will caravan. Caravanning frequently also involves drafting.

Some Points to Consider Before Buying Your Truck

Your budget should be a prime consideration when buying trucks. You should note that as compared to most types of vehicles offered in the market, the base model compact trucks are considered as one of the most affordable types of vehicles. However, the premium models usually amount to $30,000 while the full-size trucks may fall within the price range of $20,000 to $50,000.

The Quality of the Trucks You Drive Determines the Quality of Work Achieved

If the quality of the trucks and equipment you use is of poor quality, then it is hard to expect high quality performance and results in the work that you do. Here you can be assured that the equipment and trucks you purchase are of the highest-grade quality that will achieve the best in performance and comfort.

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