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Factors to Be Considered When Retreading the Tires of Your Truck

What factors should you consider when you are retreading the tires of your truck? The first and the most important factor is the total number of times you already retreaded the tires. Of course, a lot depends on the usage and the wear and tear on the tire.

History of the Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks are now an essential part of the modern civilization. One can see a number of refuse trucks running on the roads and streets in the late night or in the early morning. Trash trucks are the most important vehicles to keep our surroundings clean and healthy.

The Anatomy of Trucks and Lorries

A lorry is a large vehicle designed to carry cargo. Lorries vary greatly in size, smaller almost car like trucks up to custom built specialised cargo hauling trucks. There are 4 main sections on any truck.

Mobile Truck Washing and Price Considerations in the Service Sector

Indeed, I have always said that you make money in the service business “in the time, not in the job.” In other words, rather than trying to bid every job to maximize price, you are better off to figure out how long it will take you to clean whatever you are washing and then try to figure out how much you want to make per hour.

Mobile Fleet Truck Washing Advice – Setting Up the Contracts

Not long ago, a mobile car wash operator had contacted me and was interested in expanding their business and also offering mobile fleet truck washing services. Indeed, they needed a little bit of advice about how to go about setting up fleet truck washing contracts.

Replacement of Tires of Trucks – Why is it a Big Decision?

New comers to the trucking industry often wonder why the replacement of tires of truck is such a big deal. Well, replacement of a single tire is just not possible. Such a replacement is only going to cause more problems for the truck owner.

Less Air in Your Tires Means More Pressure on Your Truck’s Engine and Tires

What is the connection between tire pressure and wear and tear of the tire of your truck? Well, the function of the tire is nothing but to act as a shield for the inflated tube fitted to the wheel. The inflated tube cannot be very thick and strong because it has to be elastic and it has to expand when it is filled with air.

Toyota Tundra Demise? Premature, Indeed!

Will Toyota dump the Tundra? Not likely, unless several other factors weigh in between now and 2014 when the next model is due out.

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