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Operator Licence – Public Inquiries

A traffic commissioner will decide if it is necessary to hold a public inquiry. If a public inquiry is to be held, written notice (of no less than 21 days) of the inquiry and where it will be held will be sent to you and to any other affected parties.

Making Changes To Your Operator’s Licence

You as an operator can make many changes to your operator’s licence online using the operator self service system. If you are already registered to the self service system you must, log on to operator self-service: click on the ‘Remove/add vehicles’ optionin the left-hand menu; and follow the on-screen instructions to remove any vehicles from your licence before adding new ones.

All About Alloy Wheel Restoration

After weighing all the pros and cons one can safely say that wheel refurbishing is a better alternative to replacement and also to seek expert advice to help you out. Your alloy wheels also need their due care and maintenance.

Should You Look For Commercial Trucks For Sale Or Is Leasing Viable

Buying a commercial truck or medium duty trucks for sale and leasing it are dissimilar and choosing between the two can be really confusing. Here are some pointers in this regard.

An All-Informative Guide About New and Used Trucks

“Trucks are one of the most frequently used vehicles for transporting cargos and passengers from one place to another and though they differ greatly in terms of size, power and configuration, they can be personalized as per one’s requirement and usability.” Trucks have become an vital part of our lives when it comes to transporting people and cargo from end-to-end. Trucks are available in different sizes and configurations and are usually powered by diesel engines, although gasoline engines are also available in the American market.

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