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Securing Your Truck With An Alarm And Common Sense

A truck as you probably know is a very versatile and usable vehicle, this makes it desirable by many. Trucks often have basic security features, such as central locking doors and a ratchet system to secure the haul of goods making them a target for criminals. While not all trucks are like this, many of the older style vehicles especially are.

Basic Servicing of a Large Truck

Being a truck driver is not easy in any case, such a large vehicle will require you to carry out preventive maintenance on a regular basis or allow a mechanic to carry out this work. It’s important for you is to get to know your truck and be able to do some basic servicing and repairs by yourself this will help avoid calling specialised companies out, specialists cost money and so do their call out fees. Therefore it is a good idea to be careful not to allow a failure in the first place.

Race Your Semi-Truck

Who would have thought racing semi-trucks would turn out to be so popular? Semi-truck racing provides a great way to show of your truck driving skills and your truck. If you have been driving your truck for sometime you are likely to be very skilled and more than capable of manoeuvring it around a circuit earning respect amongst your peers and the possibility of some extra cash for doing something you enjoy doing, though there might not always be financial incentive for every race, so you may be racing just for fun.

The Japanese Mini Truck or Kei Truck – What Is It?

There was a time when the term ‘mini truck’ referred to the smaller Japanese half-ton pickup trucks like Toyota and Datsun. But times have changed, and the term mini truck has a whole new meaning. Now the term mini truck means an even smaller variant of vehicle that offers some of the most incredible engineering around. Companies like Suzuki and Mitsubishi, have been building small 4-wheel drive trucks in Japan for many years. But only recently have they gained immense popularity in the United States. Sized somewhere between an ATV and a normal size Japanese pickup truck, these diminutive vehicles maybe one of the most useful tools that a ranch, farm, or resort may own. They are truly a marvel of both incredible engineering and practical design.

The Quickest Trucks On The Planet At The Moment

The race for speed has always been the moving force behind the technological development of all vehicles. Whether a plane or a car, all the science that goes into making it move faster than any competitor always ends up being integrated in to mass produced vehicles to make them faster or lower their fuel consumption. Carbon fibers, once invented to make racing cars go faster, are now a part of many mass produced cars. The advanced aerodynamics first used to create record braking planes has been later used in military and civil aircraft with great success. You may think the massive and not so agile trucks would be out of such a race but you are completely wrong in this case.

New Truckers – Welcome To The Highway

Truck driving paves the way for a successful career in the transportation and logistics industry, an industry which is constantly expanding regardless of the state of the world’s economy; yes, it’s a little slower than it used to be, but people still need bread on the table. Are you looking at becoming a trucker? Do you fancy getting behind the wheel of a rig and just driving?

Life-Saving Rescues From an Aerial Bucket Truck Mishap!

Falls are certainly recognized as one of the perils of working in an aerial bucket truck. Do all of you know what to do if this happens? Read this article to learn of the different types of rescue that can be used at this time of peril!

Don’t Overlook Safety in Forestry Trucks!

Safety is extremely important in the use of forestry trucks. Read this article to learn what you can do to ensure safe operations with this vehicle!

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