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Jackrabbit Retractable Tonneau Covers – 5 Ways a Winner

There are several reasons to choose a retractable tonneau cover. A retractable cover is more expensive than other types, but the expense may be worth it. Only you can decide.

Truck Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Tips to Convert Your Vehicle to Run on Water

Most truck owners are facing a dilemma currently due to the rising fuel prices. The effects of rising global crude oil prices are causing a lot of hardship for many people. Truck owners are badly affected due to the vehicle high fuel consumption. This is unavoidable because trucks are generally used to haul heavy loads. Are there any practical ways to reduce its gasoline consumption? One suggestion is to use a truck hydrogen fuel cell to improve mileage. This article will share some information on the concept.

A Discussion of the BakFlip Folding Tonneau Cover

Two challenges exist in regards to conventional tonneau covers: either they impede cargo access or they fail to render adequate security. Tonneaus are forever being exposed to harsh weather, so the BakFlip is constructed to resist Mother Nature’s ire. The top itself is one hundred percent weather-resistant while also firm enough to support two hundred pounds evenly distributed. Additionally, your BakFlip never fades, warps or cracks. Instead of a problem, you end up with a lightweight, durable tonneau cover.

Save Diesel Solution – Increase Your Truck Gas Mileage With Water Fuel Kit

Most truck owners will reply on using diesel as their vehicle energy source. Unfortunately, with the recent fuel price hike, diesel has become an expensive commodity. Due to the large engine capacity and weight of a truck, it has to consume large amount of diesel. This has caused many truck owners to abandon their vehicle for a more fuel economical sedan. For some, getting a new vehicle is not an option. One solution to save diesel is to convert the engine to run on water. How does the concept work? This article will provide some information on the subject.

4 Facts on Water Powered Car Plan

Association of the United States has already attested the potential viability of water as an effective fuel for your car. In this article we discussed various facts and info hydrogen powered car.

Recovering From a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are quickly becoming the most frequent, costly and fatal automobile accidents that can occur in the United States. It is best to know the facts surrounding truck accidents and injuries in order to be prepared in case the unfortunate may occur.

The History of the Dodge Ram and Looking Forward

Undoubtedly, the most successful and popular truck for Dodge has been the Ram series. Although, the Dakota has enjoyed it’s own success in the mid-size trucks arena since it’s inception in 1987.

5 Accessories For Diesel Performance

You can choose from a plethora of aftermarket diesel performance accessories available on the market today for your Ford, Chevy or other pickup truck. This article explains 5 of the most popular diesel performance accessories and the benefits of using each of them.

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