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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Automobile accidents involving cars and other small vehicles can cause serious injuries or death to the drivers involved. Accidents that involve trucks and big-rigs may be even more dangerous due to the sheer weight of the large vehicles and the loads they are often responsible for transporting. If you are injured in an accident involving a large truck, you may face serious injuries as a result.

Time-Tested Towing Tips For 4×4 Trucks

Towing things behind 4×4 trucks may seem like the all-natural thing to do, but it has its share of potential pitfalls and problems. And the first thing you have to consider is to what you are going to be towing. Is it a heavy RV? Or perhaps you will be towing your motocross bikes, jet skis, go-karts or snowmobiles?

What You Need to Know As a Female Truck Driver

The truck driving industry is still a male dominated field, but the number of female truck drivers is on the increase. This is because of the need of companies to diversify their hiring practices and also because there is a shortage of truck drivers. The most important thing to become a female truck driver is having good driving abilities. This is the same for men as well. Being a good, safe driver is the key to being a successful truck driver.

Three Great Reasons to Install an Auxiliary Fuel Tank in Your Pickup

If you tow a trailer with your pickup, your range is limited to a few hundred miles. Unless you have an auxiliary fuel tank because that changes the whole picture!

Sharing the Road With Big Rigs

Most trucking accidents involving tractor-trailers and cars are the result of the car driver not traveling in the truck driver’s line of sight. An 18-wheeler with a full load can weigh up to 40 tons.

Crane Hoists Give Humans a Lift

Crane hoists and other equipment used for lifting can perform many different types of jobs that are much too difficult for people to do manually. Cranes and hoists are utilized when big, heavy items need to be relocated from one location to the other, or lifted into the air.

Maintaining Your Health While Truck Driving

There are inherent risks with many jobs, truck driving included. The obvious risk is operating such a large, heavy machine on busy roadways, but most big rig drivers don’t even think about their physical health until problems are apparent. Many truck drivers often report common ailments such as ringing ears, back pain and neck pain. Some have also developed digestive ulcers, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids and other back injuries. The source of each problem can be traced back to the demands of truck driving and life on the road.

The History of Foden Trucks

Edwin Foden began his career as an apprentice to an agricultural equipment company of Plant & Hancock. He left them for an apprenticeship at Crewe Railway works, but later returned at the age of 19. Shortly after, he became a partner in the company. The company produced massive industrial engines, as well as small stationary engines and from 1880 agricultural traction engines.

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