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Winter Driving Tips For Truckers

Winter driving can be tough for seasoned drivers, much less new ones. Your first decision should be whether or not you should drive in it. Every driver has a different idea of what they are comfortable driving in.

I Just Made Diesel For $1.35 a Gallon

I began blending Diesel using waste vegetable oil and petroleum products, 3 months ago. It was innocent at first but has grown into an obsession -prowling the back alley ways on the lookout for chubs of discarded cooking oil.

Jeep Tops – Stylish and Popular Jeep Top Accessories

No Jeep top is complete without a bevy of sleek accessories to go with it. After all, adding or managing Jeep tops is all about customization and versatility, so why not take it a step further and enjoy the wide selection of some nifty accessories?

Mercedes Sprinter Reviews

The reviews are in, and it looks as if the Mercedes Sprinter is a favorite. Not only is it a great utility vehicle, but it also makes an ideal family vehicle.

Water Fuel Cell For Trucks – Convert Your Truck to Run on Water

Recently, there was news report that Iran has test-fired their short and long range missiles. The country is showing off its military might to the rest of the Western world. Iran is also one of the world largest crude oil producers. The latest fiasco has made the world economy nervous and gasoline prices to went sky high. Almost all of our country vehicle uses internal combustion engine and is totally dependent on fossil fuel. Many people are finding it hard to fuel their cars especially truck owners. This is because trucks usually travel long distances and uses a bigger engine capacity and consume more gas. Is there any way to reduce the fuel cost?

Auto Transport Broker

An auto transport broker is a person who typically acts as middleman between the auto transport carrier companies and you. Brokers are often not liked by people.

Water Fuel Generator For Trucks – Tips to Save Fuel With Water Fuel Generator For Trucks

What is water fuel generator for trucks? Most truck owners rely on their vehicle to move heavy loads from one location to another due to its power and reliability. However, there is a drawback to large engine capacity. A truck will consume a lot of fuel.

Pace Edwards Roll-Top Cover – the Original Retractable Tonneau

Once unlocked, Pace Edwards’ rolling cover draws back automatically into a fully-opened position allowing you total access to all four corners your truck bed. Every piece of aluminum trim is smooth, boasting a scratch resistant, black powder-coat finish. Not unlike the other Pace Edwards rolling covers, water is channeled off the top, into the canister mounted at the front of the bed, and, finally, out through drain tubes to help maintain a dry pickup bed. Aside from that, the Roll Top retracts automatically and can be closed singlehandedly from either side of your truck bed.

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