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DPF, What and Where Is It? How Does it Work? Should I Buy a DPF Delete Kit?

This is a question we get a million times a day. Since 2007 all Dodge Cummins 6.7, Ford Powerstroke 6.4, and Chevy Duramax 6.6 trucks come from the factory equipped with a particulate filter to meet tougher emissions standards. What is this filter? What does it do? And can I remove it?

Advantages and Specialties of 4×4 Pickup Trucks

If you are involved in transportation business and are expecting to get pick up in the businesses, you can explore the best possible ways by getting the used Pickup trucks for sale at your garage. These trucks are having greater speeds and also are the most economically priced vehicles that can transport larger quantities of goods and cargo to the desired places. Here we have disclosed many of the functions and utilities regarding to these used 4×4 Pickup trucks and even the guidelines for making better and smarter use of Pickup trucks.

Benefits of Buying Used Trucks

Used Trucks are the trucks that are offered for resale by the truck owners having better conditions and usable further by new users. These used trucks are becoming more and more popular these days as they are having many of the prominent and convincing benefits. These used trucks are offered by the dealers and also by the owners directly.

The Dodge Ram – Now and Forever

Named after the Ram hood ornament present on Dodge cars since the 1930s, the Dodge Ram first appeared on the market in 1981, and it’s been one of the toughest trucks in town ever since. Here’s a brief history of this legendary beast of burden.

Repo Semi Trucks For Sale

For the first quarter of this year an estimated 23,000 semi truck repos were sold, which is 7% more than a year earlier. Easy financing and quick turn around is what is most appealing about repo semi trucks.

Forklifts For Sale – Research Them Prior to Buying

Do your research on forklifts prior to making your purchase. This article will make you a more informed consumer and give you a few tips on researching forklifts before your buy. Since this type of equipment is rather expensive, it is a very wise idea to know a lot about them before you buy.

Trucking Hours of Service Violations

For many motorists, driving alongside large trucks, such as 18-wheelers or semis, is unnerving and stressful. This is because accidents involving large trucks and high speeds are more likely to be serious, often resulting in injury or death. Because of the inherent dangers of hauling large freights of cargo, the Federal Motor-Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) created laws that restrict the maximum allowed hours of service of commercial vehicle drivers.

Best Crossover AWD SUVs

The typical crossover consists of a high seating position that allows for a better view, a passenger car chassis, and a large cargo area. Most are available in all-wheel drive and can offer seating for up to eight people.

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