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Truck Running Using Water – Using Water to Reduce Fuel Consumption For Trucks

There are news reports on the internet that show a truck running using water. The scene is like a science fiction movie. Imagine a vehicle running on water as fuel. Some people think that it is a scam. The figures that show the amount of fuel saving from truck running using water is pretty amazing. With the recent fuel price hike, a lot of vehicle owners are frantically searching for ways to reduce gasoline expenses. Water fuel technology has created a lot of interest due to that event. However, as a prudent driver, you should make your own research on all solution in the market that claims to reduce fuel consumption.

Hydro Powered Trucks – Convert Your Truck to Run on Water to Save Fuel

What is the science behind hydro powered trucks? A hydro powered truck is basically a vehicle that uses water as a fuel source. Most people are amazed that you can actually use water to power an engine. Some skeptics think that the whole idea is a scam. When the global crude oil prices went up, local gasoline prices have shot through the roof. Many people are finding it becoming very expensive to run their vehicle. This is more so for truck owners because trucks in general consume larger amount of gasoline compared to a normal car.

Truck That Runs on Water – The Amazing New Technology to Save Fuel

Have you heard or read news about truck that runs on water? Some people do not believe it is true and thinks that it is an outright scam. This new idea does go against the conventional thinking and most probably whatever figures published from the findings are not accurate. Even though there are no hard evidence to show that a truck can use water as fuel to reduce gasoline consumption, the idea does create a lot of interest. Because of the recent fuel price hike, many vehicle owners are sourcing for ways to reduce gasoline consumption.

Water Fuel For Trucks – Reduce Truck Gasoline Consumption by Using Water As Fuel

Most people surfing the internet may come across information on using water fuel for trucks. With the recent gasoline fuel price hike, many vehicle owners are finding it increasing challenging to run a car and have some money left over at the end of the month. The gasoline expense bill for a truck owner is larger because this type of vehicle has a bigger engine capacity hence burns more fuel. Because of the issue of expensive fuel, the interest on alternative fuel source for vehicle has increased dramatically.

Truck Hydrogen Generator – Alternative Fuel For Trucks to Reduce Gasoline Consumption

There have been some reports on the internet about a truck hydrogen generator device used to improve a vehicle fuel mileage. This kind of information has generated a lot of attention because people are hungry for solution to reduce gasoline expenses. The whole event was caused by rising global crude oil prices hence pushing local gasoline prices to a new height. Trucks owners are affected more by rising fuel prices because trucks usually burn more fuel due to its large engine capacity and heavy chassis. Therefore, when the news of a truck hydrogen generator was published, many people are really excited about it.

Truxedo Deuce Tonneau Cover Review

The Truxedo Deuce Tonneau covers are available in different colors like black, forest green, charcoal grey, buckskin and navy. One can choose from any of these colors so that it matches the color of the truck. It is also easy to put the cover on as well as remove the cover as it is provided with quick attach clamps. In order to install the cover one does not have to drill any holes in the truck. So, the installation process will not cause any damage to the truck. It is a simple and easy installation procedure .

Hard Tonneau Covers – Choose Wisely to Avoid an Expensive Disappointment

So, just what is the best hard tonneau cover? Well, that depends on how you use your truck, whether you plan to self-install and what extra features you’re prepared to pay extra for.

Rat Rod Truck – A Truck Makes a Great Rat Rod

If you like rat rods then you should really check out rat rod trucks. They can be even more fun than normal rat rod cars. Read this article for more information about rat rod trucks.

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