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Put the “Utility” Back into Sports-Utility Vehicle

There’s a reason why pick-up trucks and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) never run out of consumers, and are in fact, always “in style” when most car models go in and out of fashion at a regular pace.

Toyota Goes To Extremes With RAV4 XT-R

RAV4 will introduce another variant called XT-R. Said variant, which will be introduced next year, will prove Toyota’s extreme quality and value.

Diesel Performance Chips – The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Diesel Performance Chips have evolved over the last decade or so that they have been in use, and have vastly gained popularity. The reason for their evolution and following is because the diesel performance chips are able to dramatically increase power and I mean dramatically. There are diesel performance chips that can increase power as much as 230 horse power and 400 foot pounds of torque.

Tonneau Covers Buyers Guide

Find a tonneau cover suitable for you. Don’t just rush out and buy a tonneau cover because you seen it on a truck and you liked it.

2007 Thoughts on Starting a Mobile Truck Wash Business

For those of us who have been around the trucking industry for a while often we think we might like to own a business of our own rather than working for someone else. Often, folks will buy their own truck and become independent operators, while others will set up shops to work on trucks, sell accessories or service equipment. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to set up a truck maintenance shop, as the costs can run well into the millions and there is still no guarantee of success.

Why You Should Buy Hybrid Truck in 2007

Owing a hybrid car and truck is the best benefit consumer can ever get. The batteries equipped in the car or truck recharged internally. This means no more worrying of recharging. This article discusses all the major advantages of owning the hybrid car.

Custom Trucks

Today, building the truck of your dreams is about as difficult as opening boxes considering the huge selection of suspension components, wheels and tires, performance enhancements, grilles, lighting, bed covers and more which are now available. Admit it; a stone stock truck will never serve your needs. Whether you lucked out and hit the lottery or just received your income tax return, you can soon be driving the custom truck of your dreams. That picture in your mind of the perfect truck portrays an extension of your personality and it can easily be fabricated by simply making a list of components.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators for Trucks

In many states truck drivers are not allowed to let their trucks idle all night. The reason has to do with pollution, but the problem is the truck drivers need a way power for heaters, air-conditioning and such and they will run down the batteries if they use too much juice.

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