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Specialized Classified Sites Cater to Truckers

Even before newspapers made classified ads popular, people have bought and sold and met and married through classified advertisements tacked on horse hitching poles and on the courthouse door. In fact, classified ads can be thanked for the emergence of the Protestant Church, which was formed shortly after Martin Luther posted his 92 problems with the Catholic Church on the church door. Even though classifieds have become an accepted form of notifying, buying, and selling, however, they have never gained the confidence of many.

Volvo Trucks – Even For Drivers on a Budget

In fact, Volvo is the world’s second largest producer of heavy-duty trucks with models that seem to please truckers in almost every realm of the transportation industry. With core values of safety, environment, quality, and environment, the company offers solutions for a variety of transportation needs. But from the new hybrid waste truck that is currently undergoing market testing to the new 2009 long-haul trucks that feature comfortable driver living space as well as impressive power, new Volvo trucks can cost well over $100,000.

Western Star Trucks

Used Western Star Trucks have all the benefits new trucks at a fraction of the cost. For instance, in 1986, Western Star instituted the Supertilt hood on their vehicles. This new technology not only revolutionized their own products, but also became one of the most important innovations in the trucking industry.

Enjoy More of the Air With Jeep Soft Tops

Do you own a jeep? Probably, you enjoy most of your time in it while on the road as it comes so versatile. Why not? What other vehicle could you find that gives you a showcase of freedom as to what kind of ride experience you would want to achieve?

Run a Car on Water – You Can Run a Car on Water and Save Hundreds on Fuel!

You can now run a car on water! Running a car on water is possible and made easy to save you hundreds of dollars that you can spend on more important things. Any kind of petrol or diesel engine can run on water with the help from this new device… It will help you convert your car or truck to run on water!

Used Freightliner Trucks

With safety as its focus, Freightliner trucks are built to handle the rigors of rough driving, heavy hauling, and years of use. The company is always coming up with new and innovative ways to incorporate safety into its already performance-savvy design. For example, the Freightliner Cascadia includes a steering wheel that lets truckers keep their eyes on the road while still operating the features of their cabs.

Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Cover Review

This Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover review will help you make a decision if this truck bed cover is for you. It is of the retractable tonneau cover class and gives you the option of the standard M series or the electric E series cover. The E series opens and closes with a remote control which can be very convenient.

Peterbilt Trucks Built For Durability

From the 2008 lineup of new Peterbilt trucks to the used Peterbilt truck network, Peterbilt trucks are in high demand among truckers and fleet owners everywhere. According to the company’s web site, Peterbilt trucks can be seen wherever people are at work.

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