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Greener Trucks for Delivery Work

‘Green’ is a word you’ll hear a lot when it comes to transportation, from bicycles to buses – but you might be surprised it equally applies to truck drivers traversing the country on delivery work. While many people focus on the progress made for smaller vehicles, such as ‘green’ cars, it’s easy to overlook the fact that larger vehicles can also be adapted to become more environmentally friendly, and that delivery drivers are just as concerned about the impact their work has on the environment. Read on to discover a little more about a few of the ‘greenest’ trucks on the roads today.

How to Choose the Right Truck Repair Shop

Truck repair costs cannot be fully avoided. But, by selecting the right truck repair shop and by adopting preventive maintenance programs such costs can be minimized.

How to Pick A Used Truck

If you’re interested in buying a used truck, you need to understand how to inspect any prospective trucks and how to establish a baseline value for that truck in the current market. Once you accomplish these two tasks, you can begin your real negotiation. Buying from a dealer means you’re secure from odometer fraud.

Inspecting Used Jacked Up Trucks

Never purchase a used jacked up truck without taking it to a shop to examine it or if you have the skill and tools put it up on a lift to examine it for yourself. Expect to find some problems, but never buy the truck without knowing those problems beforehand.

Using a Logistic Strap Will Keep You and Your Cargo Safe and Secure

A logistic strap is used to secure cargo on a truck or any other freight carrier. They will help keep you and cargo safe and secure.

Defining and Understanding Motor Vehicle Classification

To regular individuals, trucks are big, clunky vehicles that are on several wheels, and are used to transport goods. To the untrained eye, these carriers just come in three sizes, big, bigger and biggest. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.

Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

It can be intimidating to drive a small car, truck, or SUV near an 18-wheeler, and rightfully so. These large, powerful vehicles are involved in about 5,000 fatal accidents every year, and an estimated 1 in 8 traffic deaths are related to 18-wheeler accidents. Often, the cause of these accidents can be traced back to driver or trucking company negligence or even manufacturing flaws and mechanical malfunctions.

Nylon Vs Polyester Webbing

Webbing is known for its strength and versatility, but it’s available in nylon and polyester. How do you go about choosing the right material?

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