I’m BACK In The Western Star Semi Truck Because The Cascadia Was A Nightmare | OTR Trucking BIG RIG

Dig Out of Bad Economic Times With Digger Derrick Trucks!

Have you ever thought about how a digger derrick truck can help make more money? Read this article to learn about why this might be a good investment for your business!

Screen Problems Away With Digger Derrick Attachment!

Do you have a digger derrick and want more information about the new EX80 screen feature? Read this article for some important information about the many benefits of this feature!

Top Three Benefits of Buying Digger Derricks at an Auction!

Does your business need a digger derrick truck and it may be purchased at an auction? Read this article to learn some of the many benefits of obtaining such a vehicle through this sales method!

Finding the Perfect Tool Box For Your Pickup Truck

For someone that makes their living off of their skills with tools, tools become a valuable asset which should be properly maintained and cared for. A truck tool box can offer storage, organization, and protection for these assets.

Trucking Industry Case Study – Automated Truck Wash Low Cost High Volume Fleet Programs

There are some who don’t like the idea of a fully automated truck wash because they would rather have their truck hand washed. For instance, those folks that own their own rig are worried about the brushes, and the mechanism perhaps hurting their paint job, or ripping off various custom hardware pieces on their trucks. Still, an automated truck cleaning and washing system saves so much money in labor, that the pricing cost is reduced to the point at which even a fanatical truck driver owner operator might partake in the services.

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