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The Other Side of the Truck Rental Coin

The advantage of leasing truck rather then buying can be substantial to many companies. Many companies need trucks only during particular times of the year

More Female Truck Drivers On the Road

The number of female truck drivers has steadily increased over the years and today there are more women truck drivers than ever before. Not only are there more local women truck drivers, but there are also more long-haul truck drivers who are female.

Keep Your Truck Grill Looking Like New And Make It Last Longer By Keeping It Polished

We all like the look of a shiny truck grill, but when was the last time you paid any attention to yours? Most of us hardly have time to make sure our grill is looking good, we simply wash our truck and that is about it.

Make a Move an Adventure

A move causes conflicting emotions. A part of you experiences the thrill of the move and you look forward to a new home and life. Another part of you is sad, it is always heart breaking to leave the familiar behind and say goodbyes.

Truck Driver Health at Issue

Well after traveling some 500,000 miles in a rather large Recreational Vehicle, I must say that when I stop at Truck Stops, I am a little concerned for those truck drivers who come in, as they are out of shape, many are obese and they look like they are very near a diabetic collapse.

Pace Edwards Roll – Top Tonneau Cover Review

There are a lot of the Pace Edwards Roll-Top tonneau covers on the road. Is this tonneau cover what you’re looking for?

Road Capturing Strategies for Virtual Reality Truck Simulator Training

In the United States of America there is a severe shortage of truck drivers and it is only getting worse. In fact many trucking companies are placing ads on daytime TV to get housewives to come and sign-up as employees for truck drivers.

Why Many Truck Buyers Are Adding A Camper Shell

One thing that a person typically overlooks when purchasing these vehicles, is to get a cover or camper shell to put over it. Camper shells are not just for camping trips any more. Now they are used to cover the backs of these vehicles to protect them from weather and even worse, thieves.

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