“I Have to FACTOR for the First Time” How to Fill our Carrier Packets Daily Life OTR Trucking Fails

Retractable Tonneau Covers

Find out what retractable tonneau covers are and how they can be the best tonneau cover you had ever owned. These tonneau covers do not look or work like any other tonneau cover you have seen before.

Truck Wash Operation Considerations

In the Truck Wash Industry there are some serious issues now with labor. With the unemployment so low you can imagine how tough it is to find really hard working labor. Keeping a crew is tough too, because truck washing is very hard work indeed. There is no easy way presently to wash trucks without intensive labor, the machines in the Truck Wash Industry work good for flat surfaces like Tour Buses and Tractor Trailers, but not so well for tractors with all the body lines.

BedLocker Remote Controlled Electric Truck Cover

Is an electric retractable tonneau cover the best choice for you and your pick up truck? Learn what sets Pace-Edwards’ BedLocker apart from all the other covers available on the tonneau market. Be informed and be assured of making the best tonneau cover buying decision for you!

How The HumVee Became The Hummer Of Today

A short story on how the HumVee became the Hummer of today. The popular hummer vehicle manufactured by General Motors actually uses the design of the HumVee military vehicle.

Which Hummer For You

A rundown of current and future Hummer vehicles.

Culmination of the Semi Truck Industry’s Best – The 2007 Mid America Trucking Show

Looking for the biggest and baddest display of semi truck accessories, big rig truck chrome, and screaming 18 wheelers? If so, the 2007 Mid America Trucking Show is the place to be. The 36th Annual Mid-America Trucking Show is scheduled for March 22 – March 24, 2007 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Truck Paper – Much More Than Just A Semi Trucks For Sale Newspaper

For years, the Truck Paper newsprint edition has been a trusted friend for many a working owner operator. Usually found at most major truck stops, it is the preferred owner operator companion at the local diner. The truck paper can prove to be much more than just semi trucks for sale. Truckpaper is one efficient pit stop providing information on a multitude of owner operator topics.

Fittipaldi Carriers Picks Skybitz’ GLS Asset Tracking Technology

Fittipaldi’s Carrier division, which will provide an estimated $32 million in revenues to Fittipaldi Logistics this year, has been evaluating asset tracking technologies for several months, and has concluded that the SkyBitz solution would enable them to perform in a significantly more efficient manner.

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