I Have 2 WRECKED TOTALED Volvo Semi Trucks! Which One Is Getting Fixed? INSANE Project Repair PART 2

Lorry Drivers Attacked – Haulage Safety Tips for Owner Operators

With jobs for owner operators often hard to come by, lorry drivers and haulage workers may increasingly find themselves working the less popular anti-social hours involving overnight trouble. Not only do the darker conditions make crime more likely, but exhaustion is more likely to set in, and it’s very easy to make the kind of slip up that will add you to the growing pile of haulage crime victims.

Tow Trucks – To Lease Or Not To Lease

Leasing for your Towing business has become a great alternative to purchasing. Tow Trucks, Wreckers and/or Car Carriers, are huge investments and making the decision on whether to purchase or lease is major. Both options have their pros and cons. But with creative lease packages available that are designed to fit the needs of the customer, leasing has become the preferred financing alternative.

Department of Transportation – Hours of Service Rules – 70-Hour-8-Day Limit

The Department of Transportation states that a driver of a commercial motor vehicle may not drive a commercial motor vehicle after having been on duty for 70 hours in any 8 consecutive days. A driver who has reached this limit must take a 34 hour break to reset their time before getting back behind the wheel.

Trucking Contracts – Costing And Budgeting

Road transport is growing, world wide due to the unreliability of railway companies. In many regions, road transport has supplanted rail transport. Notwithstanding the escalating costs related to trucking, such as fuel and maintenance. Companies consider road transport to be the most viable, mode to transport their goods to various regions. Trucking associations form the backbone of the industry, in countries such as the United States.

Pre Towing Checklist – Perform This List Before Every Time You Tow Your Trailer

Detailed pre-tow checklist that every trailer owner should read over. This list includes everything you should look over before short or long towing trips. One of the goals in every trip with your trailer is to get there and back without any problems. If you stick to a simple check list before you leave, you can eliminate many problems that might occur.

Commercial Truck Tires – Tips And Pointers

What makes a reliable commercial truck tire? You must insist on the highest performance no matter what the road conditions are or what the weather happens to be. Always choose radials, as they seem to offer the best value.

Three Life-Saving Headache Rack Styles

This article explains why people use headache racks. What are they for? What do they do?

What Are Nerf Bars And why Do You Need Them?

Nerf bars may not ring a bell with you as a truck owner, but chances are that you are familiar with them, at least visually. These are the chrome or painted metal accessories that are used below the driver and passenger door on some trucks to give better access to the cab by acting as a step up. Sometimes they are mistakenly referred to as side steps, though those are completely different in looks and function in these truck accessories.

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