How Truckers Can Save More, Spend Less $ (On the Road!)

Should I Float My Gears or Use the Standard Double Clutch Method?

A short overview of the risks and benefits associated with floating gears versus using the double clutch technique. The article with discuss all pros and cons and how to tell a poor shift from a quality one.

The Peterbilt Cabover Remains Strong in Medium Transport Markets

The cabover is a particular body style applied to semi-trucks or vans where the “cab” of the vehicle is vertical in design and is placed over the front axle. It was a popular style in the 1970’s due to multiple states having strict regulations regarding length. Cabover styles are still popular in the light and medium-duty hauling industries because the shortened length provided by a Peterbilt cabover allows businesses or individuals needing hauling services to use longer trailers without surpassing set restrictions.

A New Slippery Surface Technology Could Save Countless Lives in Inclement Weather

Ice buildup is a very dangerous thing, it causes slip and fall accidents, and has been known to cause transportation disasters and crashes. Over the years having been in the truck washing industry, I have noted that be ice and snow build up on the top of trucks often flew off the top of the truck as air pressure got under the ice and after the truck drove several miles and the vibration worked that ice lose.

Am I Covered for Hail Damage With Standard Commercial Truck Insurance?

A quick article about the different forms of commercial truck insurance. This includes insurance for both small and large fleets.

Efficiency and Safety in Lifting Equipment

Loads lifting and handling is an activity which must be carried out with the best efficiency and safely. It is of top importance to evaluate carefully the operating conditions connected with various handling activities and on this account, the opinions of the users who are facing different situations in every day work must be duly taken into account. Goods and machineries are usually moved from one place to another, either in and out of facilities, unloaded or loaded on trucks, railways wagons, boats. The various operating requirements are demanding a reliable equipment which gives easy maneuverability and flexibility.

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