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Ice Road Truckers

Ask yourself – could you spend three months driving a truck in sub-zero conditions with only snatches of sleep for days on end? Could you drive that truck loaded with 88,000 pounds of haulage companies’ cargo across what amounts to a two inch thick sheet of compressed ice?

Practical Reasons to Put Custom Wheels on Your Truck

Custom wheels are for more than just looks. Learn some practical reasons why you should use them.

2010 Trends in the Chinese Heavy Truck Market

The United States Heavy Truck Manufacturing Industry has been very fortunate because it has been able to sell heavy equipment and heavy trucks to China, which they have used to help build their great infrastructure. They have built over 25,000 miles of highways, floating airports, 10,000 miles worth of rail, the largest dam in the world, and they have some of the most modern cities with the most modern skyscrapers in the world.

Off-Roading 101

Driving on sand, gravel, snow, rocks, and roads that haven’t paved over with tar is called off-roading. Certain vehicles that are designed to handle rugged natural terrains are used in this form of recreation. Also, off-roading is a sport that people compete in for fun and money.

2009 Dodge Ram

For almost a century, Dodge has been popular with hardy trucks and the men who drive them. Ever since its introduction, the Dodge Ram has been one of the most popular truck models, a household name that serious truck lovers swear by. As a truck, it is a powerful machine that fulfils its role as a utility vehicle very convincingly, without compromising on looks or styling.

The Top 5 Biggest Trucking Companies in the US

Looking to become a tucker? There are tons of carrier companies out there to work for, but most likely, you’ll be working for one of the really big companies that represent the backbone of the U.S. trucking industry. To familiarize yourself with the business, here are the top five largest carriers in the U.S. as of 2003.

Provisions of Making a Truck Tonneau Cover in 7 Surefire Steps

Do you have a truck model car and you make use of it once in a while? Well, you probably need to look for something that will protect your car. Once you left your car from enemies like rain, hail, snow and excessive exposure to the sun, your car will turn out unattractive. In this case, you need to have something that will definitely protect the car- so making a truck tonneau cover is the perfect choice.

Truck Tonneau Covers – Hard Or Soft?

Truck tonneau covers come in hard and soft versions. Both hard and soft covers come in a variety of styles as well.

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