How to book cars to haul, $4000 load on 3 cars. (2.26 ALL MILES)

An Odd Load on the Road

Load up your trailer or vehicle and go – that’s the idea. But some loads are stranger than others, as this article reveals.

5 Tips for Long-Range Lorry Drivers

Many groups are getting together to organise better road safety for lorry drivers and other motorists, and now many national newspapers – such as the Guardian, the Independent, and other local and special interest newspapers like the Aberdeen News and The Trucker – are reporting on ways that your transport contract can be carried out with regards to road safety. Many of these websites and articles are specific to a certain area, and it’s always a good idea to check for any tips that other drivers may have from that particular area (like tricky turns, narrow bridges, or blind spots)…

Haulage Tips – Save Money With a Back Load

Shipping your goods or paying a freight service for that same purpose is traditionally a costly endeavour, especially if you have to transport a significantly large cargo. When shipping companies came upon the idea of implementing the back load not only to mitigate cost but also to improve margins, it all seemed a godsend, but only if you can make the effort to actually find customers for the return trip. Now, thanks to the groundbreaking efforts of certain websites, both transport or shipping companies and their potential customers can find one another easily and conveniently.

5 Tips for Buying A Used Truck

Buying a used car is stressful enough, but with shady salesmen and misinformation everywhere, the task can seem downright impossible. How can you make sure you aren’t buying a lemon?

Hitting the Local Truck Outfitters for Accessories

I went out to my local truck outfitters to get some new exterior truck accessories. My truck had been factory stock for quite some time, and I decided I wanted to really make it mine with a few easy to install accessories that also add function. Ok, some of them are for looks, but my five foot tall wife sure appreciates the new running boards, and the lights come in handy.

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