“How I Book $7 a Mile Loads” Meet the New Dog TILLY and Check out my Uncles Newly RESTORED 1952 MG

Truck Wash in North West Houston?

Would a truck wash business make sense on the North West Side of Houston? Many truck drivers take a short cut on Highway Six through Texas and also heading out of town on the 290 to get to Austin or to I-35. But would a truck wash survive there without actually being on I-10 or I-35?

Ford F-150 FX2: A Hot Pick-Up Truck!

Ford’s perennial top seller, the F-150, is getting yet another model, the sporty FX2. Read on to discover how Ford is responding to consumer sentiment when building this bold, new truck.

Infrastructure Projects and Traffic Disruptions Discussed

Currently we have trucking and transportation companies running redline delivering goods, materials, parts, services and people to destinations, industry and market faster than ever before and we are maxing out our infrastructure, highways, toll-ways, freeways and surface transportation like railroads, canals and light-rail people moving systems.

Where Can You Purchase a Nerf Bar?

If you own a truck or an suv you will want to add a few things to your vehicle to make it seem different than all the others ones out there on the street. If you want to add something special to your vehicle, your truck or suv consider adding nerf bars to it.

What Is a Nerf Bar?

A nerf bar is one that is going to add to the classic look of a truck, any truck that has an open bed. A nerf bar is going to be made of plastic, metal, of rubber, and can include the color of any you may like.

Chevrolet – A Piece of American History

Chevy truck enthusists

Nerf Bar for Your Truck or SUV

Nerf bars are not anything that is considered soft. Sometimes when you hear the words nerf bar you think about a nerf ball, that is soft and flexible but the truth of the matter is that nerf bars are hard, metal, and often times used to tie things into the back of a truck or to step on when you are getting in and out of your truck.

Pickup Trucks

A pickup truck is a light but powerful truck that was originally built to haul heavy construction material. People also use it to move luggage, especially when they are moving between homes. A pickup truck is a sturdy vehicle with bed-space to carry goods, and walls of strong metal sheets on its two sides. The rear side is fitted with a gate for ease of loading and unloading.

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