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Nothing Compares To The Rugged Winter Tire

Living in a region that experiences snow and ice on a yearly basis can be rough on your vehicle. Many people would rather not go through the hassle of changing their tires every season, but there are few alternatives to winter tires. Some drivers think that they can last all winter long on all season tires, but this is simply untrue.

Getting Into The High Demand Career Of A Truck Driver

Finding the right career for you can be a lifelong journey. Some people work years doing various jobs before they land the one closest to their heart. An industry providing tons of opportunity for its employees is the trucking industry. A cdl driving job is one of the most secure and rewarding jobs in the United States. It is an industry that is very in-demand at the moment, and is expected to continue a steady growth in the future.

DAC Report – Government Subsidies Are Top Downfalls for Truck Drivers

Two of the best solutions to entry-level driver training is to close down the DAC Services and to take away the government policies regarding grant money and subsidies to motor carriers. In the beginning, both began with good intentions, but have resulted in bad consequences by interfering with the industry’s driver supply and demand.

More Women Are Enjoying Careers As Commercial Truck Drivers

More and more women are entering the trucking industry today. This is a good thing for women as they find many opportunities are available to them. It is also good for the trucking industry which is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified drivers. Women in the United States have been working as truck drivers since the 1920’s. They have a good track record as being dependable workers and careful drivers. They also have a good record of taking good care of their equipment. What is Surprising to many people is that some women can actually drive trucks better than men.

Towing a Utility Trailer in 6 Easy Steps

There are different things needed when towing a utility trailer. It’s not only important to own one but to know how to tow it. The following instructions will help you hook up and tow a utility trailer.

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