His Dream is to become a Truck Driver. ANY ADVICE? #shorts

ICC Authority

Prior to legally operating as a regulated interstate carrier it is important for drivers to be granted permission from the Federal Highway Administration. They have the ability to authorize drivers to transport regulated freight between states. Any vehicle operating for hire in interstate transportation of regulated freight or passengers will be required to have ICC authority.

Driver Rates Vary With Fuel Prices

With fuel rates back on the rise many drivers are debating the patterns of the increases and decreases. Some drivers say that the rates on fuel increase for the holiday season. Others believe that election years dictate fuel price increases.

Getting Hit in a Parked Commercial Truck

Many commercial truck drivers find themselves parked in their truck when out of nowhere they get ran into by another truck. This often happens at fuel stations or resting areas. Often times, the other driver will not even know that they have been involved in an accident if they were backing up.

Truck Drivers Minimize Unnecessary Idle Time

Historically, almost every commercial truck in a rest area would be resting at an idle regardless of the weather conditions. Recently there has been a significant increase in the amount of drivers that are being conscious of unnecessary idle time. More drivers prefer to have the trucks off during down time rather than maintaining an idle.

Theft of Truck Parts Increases

Commercial truck drivers are well aware of the regular maintenance that needs to be done on their trucks in order to keep them in good operating conditions. Maintenance includes many things for a truck driver such as oil changes, servicing, cleaning, and part replacement.

Flat Bed Truck Loading Safety

Loading a flat bed commercial truck is a task that should not be taken lightly. New drivers should be advised to get one on one training from an experienced loader. Having a flat bed commercial truck loaded incorrectly can pose a threat of injury to the driver and others that are traveling on the road.

Becoming a Million Mile Trucker

Becoming a million mile trucker is no easy task. It takes experience, time, endurance, and a line of steady work. Although many truckers have reached the million mile mark and there are a handful of really experienced truckers on the road that have actually reached the two million mile marker, the real challenge is to do it without any tickets or chargeable accidents.

Commercial Truck Electronic Logs

As the commercial truck driving industry advances in technology, many drivers have mixed emotions regarding the use of an electronic log rather than a paper log. Driver preferences vary between both options. Many of the more experienced drivers prefer paper logs. Having used them for quite some time the conversion to electronics logs can be a challenge to say the least.

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