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I Want to Start a Truck Detailing Business

If you love trucks and 18 Wheelers then perhaps you might like to get into the truck detailing business. It may sound kind of funny to detail a big rig like you would a car, but believe it or not it can be lucrative business.

I Want to Start a Fleet Truck Washing Business

Have you ever consider starting a fleet mobile truck washing business? It can be a lucrative business but it is very hard work and somewhat labor intensive. What you would do it is that you would drive to location of the fleet of vehicles with your mobile truck-washing rig and then wash every one of the vehicles in a row.

All Tour Buses and Shuttle Buses Should Have Solar Power

All tour buses, school buses and shuttle buses should have solar power. Why? Well, because they have huge surfaces on the roof to put on solar panels and because the price of solar panels in the solar power industry have come way down in the last 10-years.

I Want to Do Truck Wash Clean-Outs to Make Money

Have you ever seen that show on TV; The Most Dirtiest Jobs in America? Well, I have one for you and one that I have been involved with. And that is the washouts on the trailers of 18 Wheelers.

Mud Flaps and Mud Guards Prevent A Potential Accident

Hit the road with confidence–even in the dirt. Mud guards keep the mess kicked up by your tires under control. Found out how you can avoid accidents with mud guards and mud flaps.

Grille Guards And Bull Bars Are Ready For Battle Or The Burbs

It’s true that a solid grille guard serves a number of functions and utilities for your truck or SUV. Still, most people get one for looks. Adding a grille guard to your ride unmistakably means that you and your truck or SUV mean business. This breaks down which types are available on the market, I was surprised with what I found.

Truck Wash Issues in Texas Rural Areas

One big issues with any truck wash is labor of course and one has to ask if you can secure enough labor to wash all the trucks when you get busy. In West Texas or North West Texas there is labor available and generally the labor is Mexican-American and very hard working.

Truck Wash Location Analysis for North West Texas

When putting in a truck wash you need to consider many things such as truck traffic counts, competition, labor availability, water supply and costs to put up a building, buy equipment and reclaim systems to treat the water. In Northwest TX there is significant truck traffic traveling all the back roads on major highways and on the main interstates.

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