Gardner trucking OTR: Breakdowns and bad winter weather

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Which Truck and Trailer Parts Are Essential To Check Before Travelling?

Being a truck driver or owning a trucking company can bring along many unwanted problems and concerns because of the dangers associated with trucks and trailers. Trucks and trailers are hazardous vehicles and you have to take great care when driving one. It is advisable to check your truck and trailer each time before your travel, especially if you often travel long distances.

Telehandler Attachments To Boost Efficiency

Have you ever felt that your telehandler or loader is not as versatile as you want it to be? The big forklift or small crane, as many people call it, is one of the most versatile machines you can own, but it is not quite versatile for some specific operations.

Keep On Truckin’ – Advice For Truck Drivers On Staying Healthy

Have trouble staying healthy and focused on the road? Check out these easy tips and tricks on how to stay healthier and more alert on the road.

2016 Nissan Titan Unveil

Nissan took the wraps off their new Titan and showed it is serious about making a great truck. Will it be enough to bring over American truck buyers? We think they have a good chance.

2015 Ford F150 – New Direction for Trucks?

Will the all new Ford F150 be accepted by truck buyers? The new all aluminum body brings up concerns of strength and toughness. Can Ford convince buyers that it is still “Ford Tough”?

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