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Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid Review – The Pros and Cons

Trucks don’t usually tend to make the best hybrids, their large engines and very heavy bodies mean that their gas mileage is notoriously low, and it’s difficult to keep the essence of the vehicle and still be able to improve that. People who want a truck typically want something with good towing capacity, power, and able to carry large loads. All of that added together makes it hard to save gas on the road, but with fuel economy becoming one of the most important buying decisions in automobile sales, Chevrolet thinks they can do just that.

Avoiding an Accident – The Overworked Lorry Driver’s Guide

It’s a well known fact that tiredness is a massive cause of road accidents, but tiredness is just a part of the job for UK lorry drivers. The Managing Director of Haulage Exchange looks at how lorry drivers can avoid fatigue related accidents.

Why You Should Join a Trucker Association

As with any career, there are various associations that a truck driver can join. Depending upon the association, there are various perks for being a member. What are some trucking associations and the benefits of joining them?

Secrets For Reducing Stress For Truckers

Being an over the road driver is a job that many people enjoy. There are aspects about driving that aren’t so great such as being away from family, the high costs associated with driving, and the stress of driving. If you’re not handling the stress of the road too well, these ideas will help you.

How to Choose a Ladder Rack For Your Truck

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a ladder rack for your truck. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Access Roll Up Tonneau Cover – Why It’s the Best

If you’re looking to buy a soft tonneau then you should take a look at what an Access Roll Up cover has to offer. With 4 models to choose from, a unique slide lock mechanism and patented XT-Dial tension system, this soft cover could be everything you’re looking for.

Ford Jacks Up the F-150’s Fuel Economy

Ford’s industry leading F-150 Series pick up truck has certainly taken it on the chin a lot lately. Over the past three decades the truck has been the best selling vehicle in America, but its top position for 2008 is threatened as motorists avoid big trucks in favor of smaller, much more economical cars.

Plastic Truck Bed Liners – Cheaper and Tougher Too

Plastic truck bed liners are the best choice for really rough hauling jobs. They’re cheap too compared to spray on liners and compared to damaging your truck bed.

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